The easier way to talk hands-free while driving. The Jabra CRUISER2 Bluetooth® in-car speakerphone makes hands-free in-car calls even easier. To start with, its voice gives you simple pairing instructions the first time you turn it on. After that you just put it on your sun visor and it will connect automatically with your mobile phone and it will download your phonebook. The Jabra CRUISER2 allows you to voice dial* names in your phonebook or hear the name of incoming calls that are in your phonebook. And when you answer, Noise Blackout technology and a dual microphone system ensure the conversation always sounds just right. The Jabra CRUISER2 looks right in any car and its carefully positioned buttons make it exceptionally easy to operate. You won't run out of charge because its voice will tell you when it needs more power. It is also equipped with an FM Transmitter and A2DP, which allow you to stream your music from your phone to the car stereo. With the Jabra CRUISER2 you stay in control of the conversation without taking your hands off the wheel.

Reasons to choose the Jabra CRUISER2

  • Voice dial and hear name of incoming caller*
    • Superior sound with dual mic technology
    • Simple setup with no installation needed Jabra CRUISER2 is a Bluetooth car Speakerphone - an updated version of the very popular Jabra Cruiser
  • Sleeker new design with intuitive buttons and status icons
  • Verbally announces caller ID, pairing instructions, battery level and connection status
  • Connects to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, pairs to 8 devices total
  • Larger speaker and streaming of calls, music and GPS directions to device or car stereo
  • Longer standby time, up to 20 days, allows consumer to go longer between charges

This accessory is available for buy online and pickup in store only at this time. Use the "Check In-store Availability" button above to locate the nearest store with inventory available.

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