It's time to transition your wireless service to AT&T

As part of the transition of Corr Wireless’ network and services to AT&T, your wireless service must be transitioned as well. You may have questions about how the transition impacts your service. You’ll receive a letter from AT&T explaining how to move your account by early May. You will have until August 1* to move your account, but we recommend you act sooner for your best wireless experience. You will keep your current cell phone number. For most Corr Wireless customers, we have your existing rate plans available at AT&T. For all Corr Wireless customers, we have a select FREE 3G cell phone available for you, so you can enjoy all AT&T has to offer. Ready to get started? Here’s how:

  • 1) Watch for a special letter in the mail with the details you'll need. You will also receive text message reminders to move your wireless service
  • 2) Go to any one of the participating AT&T stores listed herePDF opens in a new window to activate your new account with AT&T before August 1.
  • 3) Bring:
    • a) Your ID. Identify yourself as the primary account holder (whose SSN is attached to the account).
    • b) Your device(s). AT&T does not need to keep your Corr Wireless device, but it will help better determine which of the select free devices is best for you.

Prepaid customers: There is also a special offer for a phone and a competitive AT&T GoPhone plan for Corr Wireless prepaid customers. Visit one of the participating AT&T stores for details. Additional information for Corr Wireless prepaid customers:

  • • Corr Wireless is no longer adding new prepaid subscriptions.
  • • Current Corr Wireless prepaid customers can continue to add money or minutes to their prepaid service until June 17, 2014.
  • • Prepaid customers will no longer be able to purchase a Corr Wireless refill card after April 30, 2014.
  • • Prepaid customers must visit one of the participating AT&T stores to transition wireless service to AT&T.

*The Corr Wireless network will no longer be available after August 1 2014. Corr Wireless lines of service will begin to be disconnected on this date. All Corr Wireless subscribers will be required to move their wireless account by August 1, 2014 to maintain wireless service.

Before you move your account to AT&T: Current Corr Wireless customers can still pay their bill on line by clicking here.PDF opens in a new window

Have questions about your current Corr Wireless account?
Call Corr Wireless Customer Service at 800.343.8796. Or, visit a Corr Wireless Storelink opens in a new window.

Visit a participating AT&T store near you: click herelink opens in a new window Click herePDF opens in a new window for a complete list of FAQs

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