AT&T Address Book

Your contacts, safe and accessible

With AT&T Address Book, a FREE service available on most AT&T phones, you can automatically back up and manage your contacts securely, even if you upgrade or lose your phone.
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AT&T Address Book

Getting started: easy & free

You can manage your contacts directly from your phone, but when you sign up for AT&T Address Book on the Web, you can also import contacts from other sources like Gmail®, Yahoo!®, or iCloud®, and access your contacts from almost every device.

Compatible with most AT&T phones,
including most GoPhones®.

Getting Started
Getting Started

Step 1: Confirm phone compatibility

Make sure AT&T Address Book can run on your phone.
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Step 2: Activate AT&T Address Book on your device

Setting up your phone: Open your contact list and select START SYNC from the AT&T Address Book prompt.

On your existing phone: Go to either the device contact settings menu or the general settings menu, and add AT&T Address Book as an account.

Step 3: Register online

Creating an account ensures you can access your contacts anytime, from almost any device. See terms of use.
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