As you may know, AT&T acquired Alltel Wireless. We are committed to delivering you the best possible wireless experience and look forward to keeping you connected for years to come.

AT&T expects to begin transitioning Alltel customers to AT&T’s 4G service during the second half of 2014 after the network upgrades are complete. This transition will occur on a market-by-market basis. Prior to network launch in your area, wireless (postpaid) customers will receive a preselect letter and transition materials with rate plan and device options. Prepaid customers will receive a text message with special offers to transition to AT&T.

Until you receive transition materials or a text message from AT&T, you don't need to do anything – there are no changes to your phone number, rate plan, network coverage, customer service or how you pay your Alltel bill. You may continue to add lines and upgrade your devices as you do today.

We’re committed to keeping you informed as the transition progresses. Until then, feel free to review our Wireless (postpaid) FAQs or Prepaid FAQs and continue to check back for the latest transition updates. If you are a former Lifeline customer click here for FAQs.

How do I know if I’m a Wireless (postpaid), Prepaid or Lifeline Customer?
Alltel and AT&T sell wireless services both with a contract and prepaid. You are considered a:

  • Wireless (postpaid) customer: if you signed a 2-year service agreement when you purchased or upgraded your current phone. Even if you have completed your 2-year service commitment, you are still considered a Wireless customer.
  • Prepaid customer: if you purchased a No Contract prepaid or Alltel U Prepaid device from Alltel or one of its distributors.
  • Former Lifeline customer: if you purchased a Lifeline device and rate plan from Alltel or one of its distributors, click here for more information.