How Eco-Rating 2.0 works

In 2015, you’ll find an increasing number of AT&T-branded mobile devices – including tablets – rated according to the higher standards of Eco-Rating 2.0. The new system includes 20 – up from the original 15 – environmental and social criteria across five attributes. Look for the AT&T Eco-Rating 2.0 icon to help you make better informed choices about your mobile technology needs.

Helping you to make more informed choices

Until recently, all of AT&T's device eco-ratings were based on five environmental considerations, including 15 performance criteria. The new, more comprehensive Eco-Rating 2.0 system includes a total of 20 performance criteria, including new environmental and social factors.

Simple Scoring

  • 1 point per criterion
  • 20 criteria
  • 20 points total
  • Scores are based on 20 points

Total Points by Attribute

Substances of Concern 4/4
Environmentally Preferable Materials 3/3
Energy Efficiency and Charging 1/1
End of Life and Recycling 2/2
Environmentally and Socially Responsible Manufacturing 10/10
Total eco-score 20/20

Specific Criteria

  • Restriction of antimony trioxide and beryllium compounds.
  • Recycled plastic in housing.
  • Battery is readily removable and device is easily disassembled by recycler.
  • Manufacturer produces Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability report.
  • Manufacturer and its suppliers report data related to worker safety and injuries.
  • Restriction of conflict minerals.

Look to the stars: The new AT&T Eco-Rating 2.0 system

Eco-Rating 2.0 considers 20 performance criteria, including environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing factors.

Eco-Rating 2.0 Score 8-9 1 Star
Eco-Rating 2.0 Score 10-12 2 Stars
Eco-Rating 2.0 Score 13-15 3 Stars
Eco-Rating 2.0 Score 16-18 4 Stars
Eco-Rating 2.0 Score 19-20 5 Stars
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