a safe place to play

Famigo is a child-friendly playground on your smartphone or tablet. Your kids will only access age-appropriate content while the Internet, texting, and other apps stay out of reach. Famigo also includes thousands of hours of videos each month for your child to enjoy.

Famigo Sandbox
Famigo creates a safer,
fun mobile environment
for your kids
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A safe place to play

  • Blocks inappropriate apps, Internet, calling, texting, social networking, purchases, and most advertising
  • Tracks the apps and content your kids use the most, and creates reports you can access on your PC or mobile device
  • Restricts access to your phone with password-protected exit

The fun never stops

  • Diverse selection of content including apps, games, and video
  • Familiar characters from trusted brands
  • Recommendations based on age and preference

Easy to personalize

  • Customize by age and selected content
  • Use one source for carefully screened content