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Choose AT&T

AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization (EDO) can connect your solution with our blazing-fast mobile broadband network, offering world-class business support and industry leading device certification.

Our dedicated Emerging Devices team is focused on your success

Here at AT&T we are all about people and the relationships we foster while focusing on your solution. Our results-oriented team of experts is committed to successfully bringing your innovation to life. Our history of successful product launches is built on our flexible approach.

AT&T is leading the charge for connected solutions in the automotive, healthcare and computing industries and we continue to pursue innovative opportunities. We offer world-class resources supported by years of experience:
  • Network Section
  • MBA Modules Section
  • MBA Lab Section
  • Control Center Section

AT&T has the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE Network*. In addition, we give you access to our Mobile Broadband Accelerator program that connects developers with certified module components and can save you time and money associated with bringing your product to market.

And there’s more: AT&T collaborates with six vendor labs that help accelerate the device certification process. From the moment you contact us, we will help you get your device sales-ready in a minimal amount of time.

In addition, the AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper Wireless, offers a one-stop solution for network provisioning, device activation, customer support, billing options, performance audits, and more. Consumers and businesses will benefit from instant activation and flexible pricing options.

Our devoted product development team will apply their laser-like focus to you and your solution. Couple that with our dedicated resources and we can jointly ensure high quality safe connectivity without the bureaucracy.

*Speed claim based on comparison of national carriers' average 4G LTE download speeds for Android TM and Windows smartphones and iPhone 5. Reliability claim based on data transfer completion rates on nationwide 4G LTE networks. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. 4G LTE not available everywhere.

Our People

Our people are your greatest assets. Our breadth of experience and industry leadership can help you ensure your own success.

Emerging Devices, Resale, and Partnerships

Chris Penrose is Senior Vice President of AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization. Penrose leads a team that is responsible for connecting AT&T's wireless network to innovative devices and applications including tablets, computers, consumer electronics, tracking devices, eReaders, mHealth, automotive, and navigation.
With more than two decades of experience with AT&T and its predecessor companies, Penrose has expertise in strategic planning, new product development, sales, marketing, distribution planning and customer service.

Led by Chris Penrose
Senior Vice-President, Emerging Devices

Prior to this role, Penrose was Vice President/General Manager of AT&T's South Texas Market, where he had complete P&L responsibility for both wireline and wireless products. He held a similar position with AT&T in Virginia and West Virginia.

Penrose earned a Bachelor in Science in Marketing and a Masters in Business Administration from Indiana University. He is active in the community, having served on the board of directors of Junior Achievement, the University of Texas at San Antonio, the North Texas Chamber of Commerce and the San Antonio Sports Foundation.

Business Development

The Business development team focuses on proactively targeting, identifying, and managing strategic partners in industries including personal computers, consumer electronics, Internet devices, in-car entertainment and navigation systems, cameras, healthcare monitoring, personal tracking, and machine-to-machine communications solutions.

Led by Joe Mosele
VP of Business Development

Joe Mosele is Vice President of Business Development with AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization.

Previously Joe led the Strategy and Pricing organization within Emerging Devices, Resale, and Partnerships, where he had oversight for defining and implementing winning strategies for both EDO and our customers.

Mosele brings a solid history in pricing and strategy to the department and customers, as well as extensive business development, product marketing, and project management experience.

Mosele has also spearheaded highly successful data pricing and revenue growth initiatives within AT&T. Having risen in the ranks, during his 20 year history with AT&T's family of companies, Mosele has field and headquarters experience, living in several areas of the country. He is now located in Atlanta, GA.

Mosele holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Illinois, and an MBA in Strategic Management from DePaul University. He is active in the community serving on the Homeowner's Association Board for his neighborhood and coaching League baseball for more than seven years.

Distribution and Sales Execution

The business model you pursue will help you choose from various channels that may be available to you. AT&T's retail channels include AT&T-owned retail stores, partner retail locations, and att.com.

Led by Carolyn McGeehan
AVP of Distribution and Sales Execution

Carolyn McGeehan is Area Vice President of Distribution and Channel Marketing for AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization (EDO). In this role, McGeehan is responsible for sales channel execution for all EDO products and devices. She oversees the launch and sustainment of products in AT&T's distribution channels, whether within AT&T's direct channels (company-owned retail, ATT.com) or as a complementary distribution model in the national retail or indirect channels.

Previously, McGeehan served as Executive Director – Retail Leadership Development Program & Sales Operations for AT&T's Mobility and Consumer Marketing. In this role, she was responsible for the creation and implementation of the Retail Leadership Development Program designed to recruit top talent from recent college graduates and develop them into high-performing Retail Store Managers with the potential to assume future leadership roles across the AT&T organization. She also was responsible for developing, implementing, and managing sales and customer experience programs, initiatives, and tools to achieve the sales and service goals for AT&T's retail sales channels. McGeehan led the first launch of the Apple® iPhone in AT&T's company-owned retail stores, developing and executing a successful end-to-end operating plan.

McGeehan also has served as Executive Director – Business Marketing, responsible for all aspects of business segment marketing.

An industry veteran with 22 years of experience, McGeehan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Oregon. She is active in the community as a Girl Scout troop leader and Junior Achievement supporter.

Product Development

The Product Development team focuses on enabling business partners to launch their devices and connect to AT&T's network with speed and simplicity, as well as bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to the connected device world.

Led by Cameron Coursey
Vice President of Product Development

Cameron Coursey is VP of Product Development for AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization, charged with driving the system solutions and launch for emerging devices on AT&T's network.

From April 2009 to June 2012, Coursey was AVP of Product Realization within the Emerging Devices Organization, where he led device and network realization.

From December 2004 to April 2009, Coursey was Executive Director of Subscriber Product Engineering within the Chief Technology Officer's organization of AT&T and Cingular Wireless. In that capacity, he oversaw the technical requirements development, certification, and post-launch technical support for wireless devices and smart cards used on AT&T's domestic wireless network.

From July 2003 to December 2004, Coursey was Executive Director of Network Initiatives for Cingular, charged with overseeing technology aspects of Cingular's merger with AT&T Wireless Services and with responsibility for Cingular's labs and infrastructure planning.

From July 2000 to July 2003, Coursey was Director of Technology & Product Realization for Cingular, where he led the development and deployment of GSM/ANSI-136 Interoperability Team (GAIT) technology within Cingular's networks that facilitated Cingular's conversion from TDMA to GSM.

Coursey was instrumental in the industry efforts to specify GAIT from 1999 through 2001, chairing the joint GSM Association-Universal Wireless Communications Consortium team that developed the GAIT specifications. He was also vice chair of the GSM Global Roaming Forum of the GSM Association, and worked to globalize GAIT technology. During this time, Coursey was also granted multiple U.S. patents covering intelligent roaming for handsets and methods to implement private in-building systems that use wireless spectrum and technology.

In 1999, Coursey authored the textbook "Understanding Digital PCS: The TDMA Standard," which describes the technology behind U.S. TDMA (IS-136) from a handset, air interface, and network perspective. Coursey was a key contributor to the IS-136 standard from 1996 through 1999, and helped to introduce IS-136 into Cingular's networks during that time. He worked through the UWCC to develop the concepts of 136+, which led to embracing GSM as the next step beyond U.S. TDMA.

Coursey began his commercial wireless career at SBC Technology Resources, Inc., in 1991, where he worked on technology for sharing spectrum between PCS and fixed wireless, early wireless packet data field trials for Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, and network planning for new wireless opportunities for SBC in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining SBC Technology Resource, he worked for McDonnell Douglas for three years on advanced communications systems for military aircraft.

Coursey received his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1988. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1987, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Partnerships and Resale Operations

Led by Vicki Martin
Vice President Resale, Partnerships & Operations
AT&T Emerging Enterprises & Partnerships

Vicki Martin is VP of Resale, Partnerships & Operations for AT&T’s Emerging Enterprises & Partnerships Organization.

In this role, she is responsible for operations and relationship management of partnerships and resellers, as well as operations and support for emerging device accounts.

Prior to this role, Vicki served as AT&T Mobility VPGM for the Desert Southwest market where she was responsible for operations and overall market performance. Prior to the VPGM role, Vicki held the position of executive director-chief of staff for Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO of AT&T Mobility.

Her career with AT&T began in Houston in 1993. She has held various management positions in retail and indirect sales. In addition, she has held sales operations positions for the national retail channel, and later the partnership, reseller and emerging device channels.

Vicki holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communications from Florida State University. She currently lives in Atlanta.

Message from Our President

Glenn Lurie, President of Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships

See Glenn Lurie's bio

Glenn Lurie is President of Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships for AT&T Mobility. Lurie leads AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization with the strategic initiative to drive innovation in bringing wireless connectivity to a host of new devices and applications — including personal computing, eReaders, telematics and portable navigation devices, eHealth devices, and machine-to-machine communications solutions. He is also responsible for AT&T's new Digital Life division, which will drive innovation through the connected digital home initiative utilizing industry leading IP connectivity technology to deliver an industry leading platform for the home and a host of other services.

Lurie also has responsibilities for AT&T's ongoing operations and relationship with Apple Inc., having led negotiations to bring the iPhone and iPad to AT&T. In addition, Lurie has responsibility for AT&T's National Resale business and operations.

Glenn's previous role was President of National Distribution for AT&T's wireless operations, where he was responsible for business operations for the National Retail Channel, National Dealer Channel, Direct Mail/Direct Response team, National Resale Operations, att.com - AT&T's web business – as well as AT&T's prepaid business and sales through all distribution channels.

Glenn joined the former AT&T Wireless in 1990, and held several sales, marketing and operation positions throughout his tenure. As President of AT&T's West Region, he was responsible for the market operations in 10 western states, representing more than 40 percent of the company's overall business.

Prior to leading the company's West Region operations, Lurie held senior executive positions including Regional Vice President for the California/Hawaii region and Vice President and General Manager for the Los Angeles/Southern California market after advancing from a similar position for Arizona.

Prior to entering the wireless industry, Lurie was a professional soccer player for teams representing Cleveland, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Portland.

Lurie was named to the Global Telecom Business "Power 100" list in 2011, awarded Wireless Week's Telecom Leadership Award in 2010, and presented the Atlanta Telecom Professional of the Year Award in 2009 from the Atlanta Telecoms Professionals Association.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business/Marketing from Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA.

Our Network

We're bringing the power of our super-fast, intelligent network to more devices, people, and places.

Our Network

AT&T expects that many of the electronic devices that consumers and businesses use today will be enhanced with wireless connectivity. This will drive the emergence of new categories of devices and applications.

This connectivity will be made possible through AT&T's expansive wireless network. Built on the GSM family of technologies, the de facto wireless world standard, AT&T's wireless network brings enormous economies of scale to electronics manufacturers who need cost effective seamless alternatives for incorporating wireless technology in specialty devices.

To help bring these innovative products to market, AT&T will leverage its industry leading assets, including:

  • Nationwide 4G coverage that covers more than 200 million AmericansOnly U.S. carrier providing 4G using both HSPA+ and LTE technologies
  • The best global coverage, offering more phones that work in more countries
  • No. 1 home broadband provider
  • Nation's leading Wi-Fi network with more than 29,000 hot spots

AT&T brings it all together for our customers. Our mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. We fulfill this vision by creating new platforms and solutions for developers and enterprises that drive innovation.

Looking Ahead

Mobile broadband is on the brink of exploding. Industry analysts predict that enabling consumer electronics and machine-to-machine devices with wireless connectivity will drive consumer demand and industry innovation. At the same time, these emerging devices will define the competitive environment in the United States for the next 10 years.

Mobile broadband, and the emerging devices it enables, extends beyond the traditional handset and smartphone. Virtually any electronic device can be wirelessly enabled. We're talking about gaming devices, e-readers, tablets, telematics, personal navigation devices and digital cameras; and on the enterprise side, applications from security monitoring systems, healthcare tracking and logistics systems all benefit from wireless connectivity.

Mobile broadband is driving these new categories of devices and applications, both for consumers and businesses. We've already taken the lead in wirelessly empowering a variety of e-readers, netbooks, tablets and laptops for consumers as well as services for the enterprise category, including devices for major package delivery companies to wirelessly enable their fleets. And we're just getting started.

No matter how you measure success, we have it covered. Our powerful and robust networks deliver a seamless customer experience. Our distribution channels are unmatched. And we offer speed and flexibility to meet the needs of the developers building emerging devices.

Our Collaborations

Our breadth of experience allows us to offer myriad options for innovative wireless solutions. Check out a few of our collaborations and some of the peerless devices that are connected by AT&T.

Collaborations and use case

AT&T has certified over 1,800 devices that can be used for wirelessly connected consumer or business devices. Our experience in bringing innovative solutions to market encompasses not only the latest and greatest hardware, but also creative solutions to support the business models and billing requirements. We've already launched retail, wholesale, and hybrid partnerships.

Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More
Learn More Learn More Learn More

Collaborations Acer


MicroSD slot

Allows for expansion up to 32GB, giving you all the room you need to catalog photos, important files, even HD videos.

Adobe Flash capable

Enjoy smooth playback and high-definition Flash video content from the web. Adobe Flash delivers faster/better rendering of rich, interactive web content resulting in a desktop like browsing experience.

The Acer Iconia Tab A501 is a 4G Android 3.2 tablet that provides incredible performance without compromise. It features a high-resolution 10.1" display with wide viewing angles for awesome viewing of super sharp video and other multimedia content. The dual core CPU with integrated NVIDIA Graphics provides one of the best Android experiences available today. The brushed aluminum design adds a cool metallic appearance so the Iconia Tab A501 looks as good as it performs!

"For tablet users, it needs to be always on, connected and readily available to access the content they want, including entertainment, social networking, email and Internet browsing,” said Glenn Lurie, President — Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships. "We're connecting the Acer Iconia to the AT&T 4G network and we’re offering several data options, both prepaid and postpaid plans, to ensure the best experience, the best value and the greatest flexibility for our consumer and small business customers. We also plan to prominently feature the Acer Iconia in our AT&T stores across the country."

Learn more at att.com/tablets

AT&T Account Manager (ACM)

See directly on your Home Screen your data usage status.

USB Port with Host

Charge your cell phone, transfer files with a USB thumb drive or plug-in an external keyboard and turn your tablet into the ultimate multitasking machine.

Collaborations Amber Alert GPS


Constant Map Updates

Amber Alert GPS V3 tracks on a 5 minute interval, constantly updating the map page with the most recent location.

Small and lightweight

Small and easy to attach or conceal. Size: H 2.8" x L 1.5" x W .75", Weight: 2.17 oz.

Customizable zones

Customize up to 20 zones and be alerted when the child enters or exits the zone.

Amber Alert GPS, the leader in child safety, provides the ultimate child tracking device. With the Amber Alert GPS device a parent can know the whereabouts of their child immediately. Simply attach the small device on a child and then login to the secure, mom friendly Tracking Portal to view their location. Parents can define zones around areas such as home, school or soccer practice, and receive alerts when their child enters or exits that zone. The device is also equipped with an SOS button just in case there is an emergency.

"At Amber Alert GPS, our priority is child safety and security. We provide busy parents with the tools they need to keep track of their family," says Carol Colombo, CEO of Amber Alert GPS. "Kids should have the freedom to be kids, to run and play and ride their bike to their friend’s house. The V3 device is designed to give parents the confidence to send their children into the world, knowing they have taken the right steps to keep them safe."

Learn more at amberalertgps.com


Decide how and when you want to receive alerts via text and/or email.

On-line Tracking

Secure, easy to use on-line tracking portal available from any browser or on iPhone and Android Smartphones.

Two Technologies:

Utilizes two technologies: GSM & GPS

Collaborations EverThere


AT&T EverThere has two options for service coverage:


for an 11-month contract, with a monthly service charge of $29.99. Plus $36 activation, taxes and applicable fees.


for no annual contract, with a monthly service charge of $29.99, and no cancellation fee. Plus $36 activation, taxes and applicable fees.

Purchase of either option gives the customer an AT&T EverThere device, a charger, a lanyard and a belt clip.

At least one-third of adults over 65 in North America fall each year and this is a serious issue that often leads to many other severe and chronic concerns for older adults. To provide peace of mind for the elderly and their families, AT&T EverThere™, a small wearable device, can detect falls and quickly identify location.

When a fall occurs, AT&T EverThere can detect a fall and automatically connect to a 24/7 call center for response and support, using the AT&T wireless network. This personal emergency response system in one simple, mobile solution is durable, lightweight, easy to setup and has a rechargeable battery.

View Products Disclaimers
Cellular Connectivity:
  • A cellular signal may not be available in all areas.
  • For proper operation, AT&T EverThere requires adequate cellular coverage. Poor cellular coverage may result in the inability to place a call, automatically detect a fall, and/or properly locate you automatically during an emergency. Check with the Care Center for known coverage limitations.
  • AT&T EverThere is not a replacement for regular contact with caregivers or access to an alternative means of placing an emergency call.
Fall Detection:
  • If you experience a fall that causes actual or potential injury, do not wait for the automatic call. You should always press the call button manually if you are able.
Automatic Fall Detection:
  • Fall detection is not 100% accurate; the call button should be pushed in an emergency
  • Some falls may not be detected even with adequate battery charge and cellular signal. Please read the Important Safety Information in the User Guide to ensure proper use.
  • As with all location-based services, it may not always be possible to determine your location. Multi-level buildings, parking garages, and even dense urban areas can make it difficult for satellites and cell phone towers to locate your exact location. In an emergency, please provide the Care Center with as much information as possible about your location.


  • AT&T EverThere is portable peace of mind—24/7 connection and protection
  • Help is only a button push away
  • Advanced fall detection
  • Hands-free communication with EverThere's highly trained Care Center
  • GPS technology determines your location, sending help where it's needed
  • EverThere is the freedom to get up, go out, and do
  • In the home or on the go, this is the confidence that comes from Care That's There

View Products Disclaimers
Cellular Connectivity:
  • A cellular signal may not be available in all areas.
  • For proper operation, AT&T EverThere requires adequate cellular coverage. Poor cellular coverage may result in the inability to place a call, automatically detect a fall, and/or properly locate you automatically during an emergency. Check with the Care Center for known coverage limitations.
  • AT&T EverThere is not a replacement for regular contact with caregivers or access to an alternative means of placing an emergency call.
Fall Detection:
  • If you experience a fall that causes actual or potential injury, do not wait for the automatic call. You should always press the call button manually if you are able.
  • Fall detection is not 100% accurate; the call button should be pushed in an emergency
  • Some falls may not be detected even with adequate battery charge and cellular signal. Please read the Important Safety Information in the User Guide to ensure proper use.
  • As with all location-based services, it may not always be possible to determine your location. Multi-level buildings, parking garages, and even dense urban areas can make it difficult for satellites and cell phone towers to locate your exact location. In an emergency, please provide the Care Center with as much information as possible about your location.

Learn more at att.com/EverThere


Small and lightweight

Small enough to stick in your child’s backpack or attach to Sparky’s collar.

Customize "safe" area

Set up geofences with up to 10 points that the device can roam in without alerting you to movement.

Track what’s important to you with coverage on AT&T, the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network. Small and lightweight, the Garmin GTU-10 sends information to a GPS system and lets you track where your children, pets, and possessions are or have been. View their position on your phone, over the internet, or be alerted by email or text.

Glenn Lurie, President of AT&T Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships, said "Connecting the GTU 10 to the AT&T wireless network is a great fit, and by offering it in select company-owned retail stores, we're making it even more convenient for our customer’s to keep track of their kids, pet or the valuable property they care about most."

Learn more at garmin.com


Receive text/email when safe area is left/entered or tracker is powered on/off.

Tracking history

View last 10 positions over the most recent 24 hours.


On the go

Get real-time content on the go with nüvi 1690

First to know

From fuel prices to Google™ Local Search, you'll be the first to know with Garmin nüLink!™ services

Get real-time content on the go with nüvi 1690. From fuel prices to Google™ Local Search, you'll be the first to know with Garmin nüLink!™ services. The 1690 also includes preloaded maps, Lane Assist with junction view, hands-free calling and ecoRoute™ ― making it one smart navigator. "Our customers want and need accurate, up-to-the-minute information that they can access quickly and without hassles," said Dan Bartel, Garmin's vice president of worldwide sales.

Glenn Lurie, President of AT&T Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships, said AT&T service in the PND delivers "an exciting new breed of timely wireless data, helping redefine on-the-go navigation for consumers and keeping them connected and informed.

Learn more at garmin.com

One smart navigator

The 1690 also includes preloaded maps, Lane Assist with junction view, hands-free calling and ecoRoute™

Collaborations HTC


AT&T Communications Manager (ACM)

See directly on your Home Screen your data usage status or activate prepay service.

HTC Sense User Experience

HTC adapts its Smartphone Sense UX to the new Honeycomb OS and brings users a vast selection of widgets to customize their social networking and other experiences.

HTC JetstreamTM is AT&T's first 4G LTE tablet and first tablet with the new Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) software designed solely for tablets. It features one of the highest resolution screens in the market, has a unique interactive writing capability, and comes pre-loaded with several AT&T services and games. The tablet is also compatible with HTC Scribe™, an optional digital pen accessory (sold separately) for content creation as well as Evernote integration for storing your documents in the cloud.

"This tablet is a beautiful 10.1-inch, LTE powered masterpiece,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president—Devices, Mobility and Consumer Markets. “When you combine powerful options like HTC Jetstream with our upcoming LTE technology and nationwide HSPA+ network, it flies."

Learn more at att.com

Google Mobile Services

  • Android Market: Showcase of applications developed specifically for the tablet screen.

  • Google eBooks: Largest selection with over 3 million books to shop through and many are free.

  • Google Maps 5.0: 3D-like interaction and building outline view for easier location of that restaurant or store.

Collaborations Pantech



Element brings a new level of portability to our tablet line up with its compact size and waterproof design. Take it with you to lunch, doing errands, weekends at the lake, or wherever you and your family happen to be.

NOTE: Waterproof claim is against incidental exposure to water when all ports (incl. USB and earphone) are tightly closed. The Element is not designed or intended for in water use. Element received an IP57 rating and tested for submersion up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.


Element delivers a complete multi-sensory experience with advanced touch feedback. Experience felt sensations while navigating, typing and using certain Apps. Feel the action of a pinball bounce off the bumpers in the pre-loaded Enzo’s Pinball game.

Pantech Element is a fast highly portable feature-rich 4G LTE tablet that runs on Android Honeycomb (3.2) operating system and is packed with a powerful 1.5GHz processor, a brilliant 8" HD screen, and front and rear facing cameras. Plus, it’s waterproof, making it an ideal tablet for you to take with you virtually anywhere.

"The new Pantech Element’s 4G LTE capabilities, waterproof design and long battery life provide busy consumers with an opportunity to stay productive regardless of where they are," said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "This fast and highly portable tablet helps you stay in control of a hectic schedule and juggle email on the go but also is perfect for catching up on social networking, news or movies in your downtime – all at an appealing price."

Learn more at att.com/tablets

Photo Frame

Tap this App and your screen becomes a mosaic made up of your downloaded or captured images. Multiple images display at one time and then artfully transition to a new set of images.

SketchPad App

Pantech has included an App not available in Market that lets you exercise your artistic talents on “paper.” Keep your masterpieces to yourself or share them on-line.


Mini App Tray

Multi-tasking goes to a new level with a tray that pops a small calculator, memo, or task entry to you no matter what app you’re in. Now a quick calc, date check, or jotting down a task can be done without interrupting what you were doing.

Samsung MediaHub

Diverse selection of over 5,000 recent or classic movies/ TV shows. These can be purchased or rented and immediately viewed while downloading.

The 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is a slim, lightweight tablet, running Android™ 3.2 and packed with optimized services from Google, AT&T and Samsung. The new tablet features a vivid 8.9-inch 1280x800 pixel high-resolution screen, powerful 1.5 GHz dual-core processor for fast multi-tasking and tabbed browsing with support for HTML 5 and Adobe® Flash® Player.

"The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 adds to our outstanding Android lineup and our growing portfolio of premier 4G LTE devices," said David Christopher, chief marketing officer—Mobility and Consumer Markets. "We're constantly adding new 4G LTE coverage and only AT&T offers 4G LTE plus 4G speeds through our HSPA+ network."

Learn more at att.com/tablets

Picture Frame

Ongoing slide show right on the home screen. Resize the widget to take up a whole screen or shrink it to the corner of your home screen. It continually scrolls through up to 100 images added from your Gallery.

Pulse Widget

Get to current news quickly by adding Pulse widgets to your Home Screen. Pick from up to 31 news topics! Each topic will show 3 stories and simply tap the headline to pull up the full story.

Partner Experience

Learn more about the
Samsung Galaxy Tab

View video

The Samsung Galaxy Tab brings together the latest innovations to provide you with a mobile experience like no other. Enjoy full-screen web browsing and multimedia on the high - resolution 7" display. Take full advantage of downloadable apps and multitasking with the Android™ 2.2 operating system. Synchronize media and files with your home computer to take your work and personal life on the road.

Learn more at samsung.com/galaxytab


  • Built-in front and rear cameras
  • Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1
  • 16 GB memory plus up to 32 GB microSD storage

AT&T Drive Studio

Find out more about AT&T's connected
car innovation hub in Atlanta

Join Us

The future of the connected car is going to be amazing. We are looking forward to working with auto manufacturers from across the globe at the at&t drive studio to reinvent and reimagine the car of tomorrow

The AT&T Drive Studio™ is the first connected car innovation center in the U.S. to be opened by a wireless carrier. And AT&T is inviting the world's most innovative companies and developers to come create the future of connected cars.

Opened in January 2014 and headquartered in Atlanta, the AT&T Drive Studio™ will engineer end-to-end, fully integrated connected car solutions - all in one location. The 5,000 plus square foot facility was designed with collaboration in mind, allowing us to take our innovations from the whiteboard to the dashboard. With the new and enhanced AT&T Drive™ platform, we are able to work with auto companies from all over the globe to enhance the driving experience by improving safety, diagnostics, entertainment and security.

Join us as we create the future of the connected vehicle.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Intrigued? Contact us now

At our AT&T Foundry® innovation centers, we’re fast-tracking collaborations with developers and entrepreneurs to accelerate ideas to marketplace up to three times faster. First launched in 2011 and expanded to five locations in 2013, the innovation centers are unique spaces built to foster collaboration.

The AT&T Founry is where ideas are made

The AT&T Foundry® brings the expertise of AT&T innovators into an environment where we can work with industry technology experts and developers from all over the world to innovate in new ways. The result is technology innovations in a number of sectors, from connected vehicles to home security, consumer electronics to machine to machine, mobility and many more.

Based in Austin, TX, the AT&T Network Ready Lab (NRL) is dedicated to the certification of non-traditional, wirelessly-enabled devices. The NRL's experience and expertise can accelerate the market entry of innovative consumer electronics and M2M devices.

Since 2005, the NRL has been testing and certifying connected devices, ensuring optimized network performance and a superlative user experience. Receiving technical acceptance from the NRL gives you confidence that your customers will get peak performance. The NRL has the resources and expertise to conduct the necessary evaluation and testing to ensure your device works well on AT&T's network.

We've certifed more than 1,800 wireless specialty consumer and M2M devices for use on our mobile broadband network. The target timeline for certification is four weeks, though in some cases it can be as little as two weeks.

AT&T's NRL promotes the company's continued commitment to driving wireless into a wide variety of next generation devices. Will yours be next?

For developers who are creating a wirelessly connected, next-generation device, it can be a tremendous challenge to refine your device design while optimizing your component options and validating your OS and chipset selections. Complex coordination is required with all of the various ecosystem players to develop a world class end-to-end solution. AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization is uniquely positioned to serve as the common thread—to promote cooperation and help bring innovative devices to market. Here are some of the key links in the developer value chain, along with related companies whose expertise may add value to your development effort.

MBA Labs Logo

PTCRB and FCC certifications are necessary for a successful device launch. In order to make certification easier, AT&T has partnered with six MBA Labs that help our device partners achieve FCC and PTCRB certification for their products. In addition, the MBA labs aid in completing the submission process for the AT&T certification of the device.

Device partners are encouraged, but not required to use one of these labs for PTCRB certification.

Cetecom Logo

Cetecom, Inc.

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Location: USA, EU

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Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) offer innovative design production services. They will bring your product ideas to life with their design-to-cost methodology and wireless solutions manufacturing services. Discover more about their complete supply chain and product-life-cycle management services to meet competitive market requirements. ODMs can offer lean, fast, and reliable manufacturing capabilities with an emphasis on innovation.

RF consultant companies deliver turnkey design services and are experts in hardware and software solutions. They have extensive RF capabilities for integration of cellular, GPS, Wi - Fi, BLUETOOTH®, ZigBee®, Satellite, RFID solutions and more. RF Consultants are industry experts that support customers with market access requirements, procedures, project management strategies, and test & certification services.

AT&T-approved SIM manufactures are carefully chosen to ensure high accuracy and their ability to meet market demands. SIM manufactures offer a wide variety of smart card and mobile security solutions specializing in UICC technologies for wireless networks. They also provide device management, network monitoring systems to the M2M market, and offer application development tools and services.

Using AT&T - approved modules (core communication sub-assemblies) can optimize performance, reduce testing time, and help bring your device to market more quickly. It also qualifies your device for free testing in the AT&T Network Ready Lab.

Check the Module Matching Tool to identify the best module manufacturer and the right module for your device.

The AT&T Global Supplier Diversity Program is designed to promote, increase, and improve the quality of the overall participation of small, minority, women, and disabled veteran business enterprises (M/WBE and DVBEs) in our supply chain. We look for opportunities to work with diversity suppliers in all aspects of our business - from advertising to central office engineering, computers, outside plant construction, and network provisioning. Please review the program website for more information. www.attsupplierdiversity.com

Here you'll find white papers, technical briefs, and reference design information, drafted by top AT&T engineers. The list will be updated as new tools are added. Let us know if you have suggestions for future technical topics.

Application Development


The AT&T Developer Program provides best practices to help you design your application with the end user in mind. With an ever expanding variety of screen sizes and device types, UI and UX are important factors to think about before you develop your application. Check out the UI Design Principles section on the Developer Program site for more information.

Global Approach

Embedding Global Connectivity (PDF)

Network Considerations

Wireless Network Development Considerations (PDF)
AT&T Network Ready Device Development Guidlines (PDF)

Design & Development

Applying Biometrics Technology in a Mobile World (PDF)

Hardware Development Best Practices Whitepaper (PDF)

Reference Designs

Antenna Fundamentals (PDF)

Industry Links

Industry analysts predict that enabling consumer electronics and M2M devices with wireless connectivity will drive consumer demand and industry innovation. Throughout the business, new things are happening. Want to keep up with the latest? Here are some Industry web sites that you will find helpful.

PTCRB web site - www.PTCRB.com
CTIA web site - www.ctia.org
FCC web site - www.fcc.gov
GSMA web site - www.gsmworld.com
Consumer Electronics Association - www.ce.org
Mobile Marketing Association - www.mmaglobal.com

Technical Documents

AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization is committed to meeting the business and technical needs of companies developing products for the wireless market. To help you, we've compiled industry-leading resources and specifications in one convenient place. Check back often for new and updated articles and content.

Guide to Emerging Device Acronyms (PDF)

AT&T Approved 3G and 4G Modules (xls 630k)