We're getting ready to ship your device, and we want to be sure we set your service up the way you want it.

iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s come with a nano-SIM card pre-installed. This nano-SIM will be set up for the upgrade-eligible phone number you used to place your order. If that's the phone number you plan to use with your iPhone, you're all set. Just follow the step-by-step instructions enclosed in your shipment to activate your device.

Assigning your new phone to a number other than the upgrade-eligible number?

Here's all you need to do:

  1. Call 800.331.0500 from a phone that's not the one you are activating.
    (If you ordered through the Premier Online system, call 866.499.8008.)
  2. Enter the upgrade-eligible wireless number you used to place your order.
  3. Press 2 to finish the activation with a representative.
  4. After speaking with a representative, turn on your iPhone, and follow the on-screen instructions to choose a Wi-Fi network. If Wi-Fi isn't available, connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC with iTunes (www.itunes.com), and follow the on-screen instructions.

More questions?

Call 800.331.0500 or 611 from a wireless phone.
We're here to help ensure you have a great experience with your iPhone.

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