AT&T's 137-year history of innovation is a story about people from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds coming together to connect people to their world … anywhere, anytime and on any device. It is our diverse, inclusive culture that welcomes all points of view and makes us who we are: a great place to work, a desired business partner and a committed member of the communities we serve. This inclusive culture is something we live every day; our employees expect it and our customers and shareowners benefit from it.

Commitment to our Employees

We know that diverse, talented and dedicated individuals are critical to our success, so we look for people from various backgrounds and give them opportunities to grow. We have long been a leader in providing an inclusive work environment, offering performance-based rewards and creating a culture of excellence.

Our senior leaders are accountable for leading diversity initiatives as part of this philosophy. These leaders understand the value of inclusiveness — and all managers are taught a simple philosophy: we serve our customers better when we build diversity into all we do … and that positively impacts our customers and shareowners.

Our diversity initiatives are important. They underscore behaviors and actions managers can undertake to foster a positive, inclusive work environment, which leads to a great place to work … enhanced performance and increased profitability.

AT&T's diversity and inclusion management strategy aligns with our business goals and leadership priorities in key areas including workforce inclusion, community impact, multicultural marketing and supplier diversity.

In 2009, we created the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Forum as a venue to formally integrate, leverage and grow enterprise-wide initiatives for AT&T to become best-in-class in diversity and inclusiveness. This forum meets quarterly during the year to monitor the progress of our initiatives and share best practices.

Leadership action and accountability are essential to our company's success. To help build greater awareness around diversity while maintaining an inclusive culture, the Business Unit Diversity Council was created. This Council allows us to collaborate toward our goal of keeping diversity a top priority at AT&T while driving employee engagement around inclusion.

At AT&T, our people are our company. That's why we're committed to providing employees with award-winning, state-of-the-art learning opportunities to support their career development.


We are committed to ensuring that all employees and members of the community can connect with their world, including those with communications challenges and medical disabilities. At AT&T, we provide resources and tools to employees so they can do their jobs.

We have strong relationships with Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities and actively recruit college graduates with disabilities. Our AT&T Advisory Panel on Access & Aging (AAPAA) fosters relationships with the company's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), including IDEAL (Individuals with Disabilities Enabling Advocacy Link) and AT&T Veterans.

Learning Elite and Understanding Diversity

Training and Career Development

We help our people grow and develop during their career by investing millions in employee training and as much as $24.4 million in tuition reimbursement. In addition, all of our employees receive ongoing performance and career development reviews.

Talent Development Programs

We encourage management and non-management employees to take advantage of job-based training, tuition aid and various development programs to make sure their skills will take them where they want to go on their career path. Learn about the programs offered.

  • AT&T University — is a fully-funded, academically-rich, executive-led program with a leadership development and business curriculum, located at a state-of-the-art facility at the company headquarters in Dallas and regional campuses across the U.S. Since the launch of AT&T University in spring of 2008 more than 210,000 managers have participated in a blend of onsite and virtual classroom sessions.
  • AT&T Connect to Success — a program connecting managers in mentoring relationships that foster leadership training and career opportunities. AT&T Connect to Success provides a broad range of managers the opportunity to build their networking contacts, develop in a variety of areas and strengthen their collaboration skills.
  • AT&T Self-Development Resource Center — this virtual career center supports employees in developing themselves to remain competitive. Services include resume writing and interview preparation, skill-building tools, test preparation, career-related workshops, mentoring materials and a resource library. The library includes a diversity awareness and education section.
  • Career Opportunities — management and non-management employees can apply for job openings throughout the company. Hiring managers are provided with a diversified pool of qualified job candidates for the interview and selection process.
  • Continuing Skills Training — in a world of rapidly-changing technology, the demand for new skills is continual. At AT&T, we offer thousands of courses to employees, including consumer call center and retail sales; business call center and direct sales; network engineering; and wireless and wireline networks.
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program — financial assistance is provided to management and non-management employees to earn academic degrees to support their career development. In 2013, AT&T's tuition assistance program assisted approximately 9,000 employees; 41 percent were women and 57 percent were people of color.

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program (LDP), AT&T’s flagship talent management program, focuses on building extraordinary, innovative leaders to successfully direct the business. The program is designed for recent college graduates with diverse backgrounds, proven academic achievement, and demonstrated leadership abilities from highly rated institutions. AT&T provides challenging rotational job assignments, continuing education and senior manager exposure to hone leadership skills and build work experience across the company.

Since 1988, hundreds of employees have successfully completed the program – in 2013 53% of the participants were women, 56% were people of color, and of that group 15% were Hispanic—demonstrating AT&T’s commitment to diversity.

Learn more about the LDP

Accelerated Development Program

The AT&T Accelerated Development Program (ADP) is a management development program designed to increase the knowledge and skills of high potential first and second-level managers who have not participated in the LDP. The ADP is designed to better prepare managers for additional leadership responsibilities and targets our leaders with the potential for growth in our organization. 36% of ADP participants are women and 34% are people of color, and of that group 17% are Hispanic, further signifying AT&Ts commitment to diversity.

Employee Resource Groups

In 2012, AT&T held its fourth national Employee Resource Group Conference in Dallas. More than 1,700 employees, including more than 100 officers and senior managers, attended the successful two-day event themed "ERGs! Unleash Your Potential." Conference attendees had the opportunity to attend leadership workshops, network with employees from across the country, and interact with company leaders.

AT&T recognizes the value and goodwill these groups provide in supporting the company's goals and objectives. The company also has a Joint Diversity Council (JDC) that includes the national ERG presidents as well as AT&T Diversity and Inclusion team members. The JDC addresses diversity issues, opportunities and best practices at the company.

Learn more about AT&T's Employee Resource Groups and AT&T's Employee Network Groups

AT&T's Employee Resource Groups include:

  • APCA — The Asian Pacific Islanders for Professional and Community Advancement creates alliances to enhance member professional and leadership opportunities to benefit both AT&T and the community. Through education and membership development, this ERG increases diversity awareness at AT&T and in the community on issues that impact Asian Pacific Americans.
  • AT&T Veterans — Founded in 2006, this ERG raises awareness of the sacrifices made by the military and shares information on veteran activities. AT&T Veterans also supports employees who are active or retired military personnel as well as employees whose loved ones are serving in the armed forces.
  • Community NETwork — The African-American Telecommunications Professionals of AT&T facilitates personal and professional growth of African-American employees and supports African-American community organizations. Every year, this ERG provides thousands of dollars in scholarships for minority students.
  • FACES — The Filipino American Communications Employees of AT&T fosters understanding and appreciation of all cultures and an appreciation of valuing differences. Each year, FACES provides scholarships for underprivileged children in the Philippines.
  • HACEMOS — The Hispanic/Latino Employee Association of AT&T is open to all employees. Every year, HACEMOS connects thousands of students across the country via satellite during "High Technology Day" to familiarize students with careers in technology.
  • ICAE — The Inter-Tribal Council of AT&T Employees brings employees together who have an interest in the Native American culture. This ERG is committed to the cultural development, career advancement, education, understanding and well-being of all employees — specifically, Native Americans
  • IDEAL — Individuals with Disabilities Enabling Advocacy Link is interested in employment and other issues of people with disabilities. This ERG focuses on the awareness and resolution of the challenges facing people with disabilities in the workplace and seeks to assist them in career advancement. IDEAL also supports the disability community in gaining technology access and knowledge.
  • LEAGUE at AT&T — The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and Allies Organization of AT&T provide a supportive environment for LGBT employees and allies to network and develop professionally. Supporting AT&T's diversity vision, LEAGUE at AT&T promotes an accepting, diverse and respectful work environment.
  • OASIS — The Organization of Asian Indians at AT&T provides its members with opportunities for self-development, professional enhancement, networking and community involvement while supporting the company's business goals.
  • oxyGEN — Young Professionals of AT&T seeks to enhance understanding, increase engagement, as well as encourage and develop the leadership skills of young professionals. oxyGEN's cross-generational programs are designed to provide opportunities for mentoring, technology training and community involvement.
  • Women of AT&T — This ERG connects and inspires members to achieve their personal and professional goals and to positively effect change in the community.

AT&T Employee Networks include:

  • AT&T EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) Women's Network — The objectives of this international group include sharing and exchanging mutual learnings through education sessions, mentoring programs and outreach activities within communities.
  • AT&T Women of Finance — Women of Finance promotes professional development through education, networking, and mentoring with a primary focus on the Finance organization.
  • Business Professionals — Business Professionals is an international group which is focused on providing employees an opportunity to develop leadership skills, personal and professional growth, and career related skills.
  • AT&T Women of Technology and Network — Encourages and facilitates the recruitment, development, advancement, and retention of women of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by providing educational and networking opportunities.
  • Parents@Work — This international group provides members with guidance and support on how to effectively balance family life priorities with career objectives and work commitments.
  • AT&T Project Management Network — This team works to develop and educate membership in the best practices in project management.
  • Together — Together is an employee network for LGBT and ally employees in Latin American and the EU that focuses on encouraging and facilitating employee leadership and professional development.

Our Strong Workforce

In the rapidly-evolving communications industry, AT&T's commitment to diversity and inclusion remains a top priority. Our diverse workforce is an asset to the company and a result of our focus to recruit, hire and retain the very best talent.

Today, AT&T's 50-state workforce is 36 percent female and 40 percent people of color.

Workforce Highlights

Women are 36 percent of AT&T’s workforce which compares to 32 percent of managers at top technical companies, according to third party benchmarks. Thirty-nine percent of our managers are people of color, which exceeds the national average of 22 percent, as compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Since 1988, hundreds of recently – hired college graduates have completed AT&T’s Leadership Development Program; 44 percent of the participants are women and 47 percent are people of color. For more information, visit our site at ATTJobs.
  • AT&T hires talent from all backgrounds to deliver products and services that meet our customers' needs. We take pride in recruiting and retaining the best and brightest employees. It is our exceptional talent that gives us an edge in our industry.
  • In 2013, the retention rate for women was 86 percent; the retention rate for people of color was 88 percent.