AT&T's Intellectual Property arm is the often unheralded, but important organization working behind the scenes to protect and preserve innovations on new-generation applications and enhanced services for businesses and consumers. And, it may be the industry's best kept secret.

AT&T Intellectual Property is one of the world's largest intellectual property operations, with a heritage of innovation that dates back more than a century to Alexander Graham Bell. AT&T owns one of the strongest patent portfolios in the telecommunications industry and consistently ranks in the top 25 companies each year in obtaining new U.S. patents.

In addition to building and protecting our large portfolio of intellectual property assets, AT&T Intellectual Property manages a vigorous intellectual property licensing and sales program. Learn about AT&T patent sales, patent licensing, technology licensing and brand licensing.

AT&T's philosophy is that strong, fair management of intellectual property is critical to fostering continual innovation. Our licensing program is focused on maximizing access to AT&T innovations, while also ensuring that investments in research and innovation are valued fairly and appropriately.

Technology Licensing

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Check out one of the most valuable and fastest-growing patent portfolios in the communications industry.

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Brand Licensing

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AT&T Brands

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