Solutions for Customers with Disabilities

Vision Solutions

Dialing Assistance
Auto Redial: Continues to dial a busy number for you until your call goes through. It's already on your phone on a pay-per-use basis.

Getting to the Phone
Call Blocker: Program your phone to block up to 10 numbers of your choice, so you won't be bothered by calls you don't want.
Call Notes®: Answers all of your calls, even when you're on the phone, and takes a message for you to retrieve when it's convenient for you.
Call Forwarding: Sends your calls to any number you choose when you can't answer the phone yourself.
Call Return: Dials the last number that called you (press *69) when you can't get to the phone right away. It's already on your phone on a pay-per-use basis.

Receiving Important Phone Calls
Caller ID*: Identifies the caller by displaying their number on your Caller ID unit.
Priority Call: Distinguishes a specific caller with a distinctive ring. You program in the numbers of people you choose.
Call Waiting: Lets you know you have a second call coming in on your line with a special tone.

Add a Third Caller
Three-Way Calling: Connects three callers in three different locations.

Safety and Security
Wireless Services: Keeps you in touch from wherever you are with wireless technology.

Discounts and Exemptions
If a disability makes it difficult for you to use the telephone directory, you may not have to pay for calls to Local Directory Assistance. To see if you qualify and to find out more details, call 1-800-464-7928. California customers please call 1-800-772-3140.

Qualified customers may be exempt from:
Local Directory Assistance Charges when dialing 1 +411
Local Directory Assistance Call Completion when dialing 1 +411

If you are making a Local Directory Assistance call from another location you may use your calling card and ask the operator to bill your call to your exempt telephone number.

National Directory Assistance
By dialing 1+411, you can also reach National Directory Assistance and receive phone listings anywhere in the country at just $0.95 per request. Exemptions do not apply to requests for National Directory Assistance.

Lifeline Service
Lifeline service provides a discount on your monthly bill and is available to help qualified customers with their monthly phone bill. To see if you qualify and to find out more details on Lifeline Service in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas call 1-800-464-7928; in California call 1-800-772-3140.

Other Services

Monthly Telephone Bills
For customers who have difficulty reading a standard telephone bill, your bill is now available in large print or Braille. For more information or to order your bill in an alternate format, please call 1-800-464-7928 (California call 1-800-772-3140).

*Specific Caller ID equipment required.

*Limitations may apply on some services.