AT&T Wi-Fi Services

Thank you for your interest in AT&T Wi-Fi Services. With AT&T Wi-Fi access included at thousands of hotspots nationwide you can take your Internet with you.


AT&T Wi-Fi Services Technical Support:

The AT&T Wi-Fi Services in-house Technical Operations Center offers best-in-class technical support, with:

  • 24x7x365 availability
  • Remote monitoring software, allowing us to monitor our network down to the guestroom level
  • Helpful, experienced staff
  • Timeline resolution of most problems

For additional help or information, contact AT&T Wi-Fi Services Technical Operations Center, giving you top-notch technical support 24x7x365. Call toll-free anytime, 888-888-7520, or email support@attwifi.com.


Top 4 Most Common Questions:

  1. What is an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot and how do I connect to one?

    An AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot is a business that has installed broadband Internet and equipment which allows public access to wireless high-speed Internet.

    If you are at one of our public hot spots, utilize software on your computer to connect to our wireless network with the SSID (network name) attwifi.

    After connecting to the network, attempt to browse to a public website. You will be shown an AT&T Wi-Fi Welcome Page with various options, with a specified area at the top of the page titled Account Log In.

    Enter your AT&T prima ry account username, domain and password, check the box agreeing to AT&T Acceptable Use Policy, and select Go.

    If you are a business owner interested in providing an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot, please call AT&T Wi-Fi support at 1-888-888-7520.

  2. Is my VPN software compatible with the AT&T Wi-Fi service?

    Any IP (Internet Protocol) address from a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server should work with the AT&T Wi-Fi network. AT&T Wi-Fi service provides fully routable/public IP addresses and does not block any ports except incoming port 80 and port 139 (VPNs do not use these ports).

    If you are using a hardware VPN router, please contact the AT&T Wi-Fi Technical Operations Center toll-free at 1-888-888-7520 to make special arrangements.

  3. How do I get an AT&T Wi-Fi connection using my VPN software?

    Simply open a Web browser at an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot and log in. You will be automatically directed to the AT&T Wi-Fi Welcome Page. Once you have established a connection to the Internet, you can start your VPN (Virtual Private Networking) software exactly the same as you would from any other broadband connection. Complete your secure VPN authentication process and you can log in to any of your business or home applications

  4. What network name do I connect to at AT&T Hot Spots?

    AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots are configured to broadcast the network name "attwifi" (no quotes; case-sensitive).

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