Home Networking Basics

AT&T Wireless Gateway allows everyone in your home to simultaneously share a single high-speed Internet connection and create a network of up to ten computers connected to the Internet at high-speed Internet speeds. Sound difficult or intimidating? It's not. If you have more than one computer, creating a home or office network is a great option for you. And it's easy.

A Connected House
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First, a simple explanation of what "networking" means: A network is simply two or more computers, printers and other devices connected either by cables (in a wired network) or by radio signals (in a wireless network). A network allows all of the computers and devices connected to it to communicate with each other.

With an AT&T home network, you can share printers, scanners, files, music, digital pictures and an Internet connection anywhere in your home or even outside. And an AT&T home network is easy to install and maintain. You can be up and running in no time with the appropriate network connections for your home.

We recommend one gateway for every 10 computers or Internet-connected devices. Also, you will need a network adapter for each computer.

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