Media Inquiries Contacts

Media Inquiries Contacts
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Corporate Issues

Fletcher Cook

Financial Issues

McCall Butler

Federal Regulatory/Legislative

Mike Balmoris

State Regulatory/Legislative

Walt Sharp

Corporate Citizenship

Jan Rasmussen

Human Resource Inquiries

Marty Richter

National Broadcast Media

Steven Schwadron

National Print/Online Media

Fletcher Cook

Trade Media

Steven Schwadron

Blogger Relations

Seth Bloom

Regional Information

East – Joe Chandler

West – Georgia Taylor

Industry Analysts

Local Market Contacts

AT&T Foundry, Labs & Innovation

Jessica Swain

Jan Rasmussen

AT&T U-Verse/GigaPower/Wireline

Brett LeVecchio

Brand, Marketing, Advertising & Sponsorship

Brett LeVecchio

Business Solutions

Jim Greer

Jessica Swain

Consumer Mobility

Emily Edmonds

Internet of Things/Devices/Connected Car/Digital Life

Gretchen Schultz

Mari Melguizo


Jim Greer




Asia Pacific
Greg Brutus

Laura Crochetiere

Mari Melguizo

Europe, Middle East, Africa
Rebecca Atherley

Latin America
Dario Cutin

U.S. Contact
Chase Conner

Tips on Making Your Inquiry More Effective

The AT&T media relations team is here to help reporters and editors with inquiries about the company.

Please note that AT&T media spokespersons do not have access to customer records and are unable to respond to customer inquiries. Customers should refer to our Contact Us section for customer service contact information or log onto their AT&T Account Manager to receive information online.

AT&T media spokespersons are unable to assist with supplier relations; existing and prospective suppliers should refer to the AT&T Supplier Web site for information.

Inquiries about job openings should be directed to the Careers section; employment verification information to the Support section.

Questions about sponsorships should be directed to the Sponsorship section, and inquiries about grants and community giving to the AT&T Foundation section.

Letters to AT&T may be sent to the company's headquarters at:

AT&T Inc.
Corporate Communications
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202.


Customer Care

For Customer Care, please refer to our Contact Us section or log onto your AT&T Account Manager to receive information online.

Other Inquiries

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