AT&T Foundry

Innovating to Accelerate Technology

The AT&T Foundry innovation centers are fast-paced and collaborative environments where AT&T and technology providers team with developers to deliver the latest applications and services into the hands of customers more quickly than ever before.

More than just showrooms or test labs, AT&T Foundry facilities are unique spaces, built to foster collaboration. We bring the expertise of AT&T innovators into an environment where we can work with industry technology experts and developers from all over the world to innovate in new ways.

Developers who work with us in the AT&T Foundry innovation centers gain access to resources they couldn't get anywhere else. We work together to bring their innovations to market faster than ever before.

The AT&T Foundry innovation centers represent a $100 million investment from AT&T and sponsors Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Amdocs, Intel and Microsoft. There are five permanent AT&T Foundry innovation centers open worldwide:

  • Plano, Texas
    • Opened: February 2011
    • Host sponsor: Alcatel-Lucent
  • Ra'anana, Israel
    • Opened: June 2011
    • Host sponsor: Amdocs
  • Palo Alto, California
    • Opened: September 2011
    • Host sponsor: Ericsson
  • Plano, Texas
    • 2013
  • Atlanta, Georgia
    • 2013
    • Host sponsor: Cisco

Developers also can participate virtually through our developers' portal.

Making quick decisions and moving forward aggressively are important parts of the AT&T Foundry process: AT&T and its collaborators at AT&T Foundry facilities are fast-tracking projects to get ideas from engagement to market three times faster. Some projects have gone from initial discussions to beta in about six months — about 3X faster. In fact, dozens of AT&T Foundry-developed apps and services have been launched since the program started in 2011.

As a core component of AT&T's strategy to drive innovation, the AT&T Foundry innovation centers build on the legacy and resources of AT&T Labs and AT&T's crowd-sourcing platform, The Innovation Pipeline.