AT&T's mHealth Platform

Putting You at the Center of Your Health


Given the popularity of mobile apps, it's only natural that consumers would turn to mobile devices to help track their personal health information — and app developers are rushing to meet this demand by creating new mobile health solutions. But right now, there aren't many ways for consumers to easily access their health and wellness data: individual health data can be locked in doctor's offices, filing cabinets, devices and applications that can't interact. This results in a lack of relevant data for decision making and support, as well as lackluster apps that only get part of the job done.

To address this issue, AT&T is developing the mHealth Platform to help bridge the gap between health and mobility. Among other things, the mHealth Platform will create an environment that will give consumers the ability to aggregate data from applications and devices to track health and wellness information, using a highly secure infrastructure. We envision a platform that will allow consumers to share information with friends, family and health care professionals.

About the mHealth Platform

AT&T's mHealth Platform is part of a planned open developer ecosystem that will help create a healthier society by empowering consumers to more effectively share information. Once available, the platform will provide a single environment where consumers can securely aggregate their data from across silos — insurance companies, doctor's offices, connected devices, applications — and other data sources for better and easier access. When aggregated, this mobile health data can become more powerful and more valuable to the consumer.

The mHealth Platform is designed so that developers will be able to build new mobile solutions for consumers, with a goal of allowing better use of their health data. The consumer will have the ability to authorize who uses his or her data, and the consumer will retain the ability to revoke authorizations.

The mHealth Platform and the AT&T Foundry

We're developing ecosystems and platforms, such as the mHealth Platform, to help drive further innovation, working with developers and manufacturers to create smarter apps and devices that work together to provide a more efficient exchange of health care information. Our vision for the ecosystem is one where developers will be able to easily utilize an open mHealth Platform to build apps that connect consumers' data from a variety of sources to give consumers a greater amount of control in maintaining their health and their privacy.