More than a century ago, Alexander Graham Bell's historic phone call to Watson marked the beginning of a new voice communications era. The Bell Systems' founders knew that for technology to succeed they needed a sustained research and development organization dedicated to fostering continued growth through innovation. AT&T Bell Labs, first known as Bell Telephone Laboratories, was created in 1925 to answer the call and meet the needs of the future.

Since that time, AT&T Labs have created some of the world's major innovations across a broad spectrum of technology. These innovations range from IP network management and optical technology to automatic speech recognition and next-generation text-to-speech products. With Labs locations across the country and hundreds of the world's best researchers, technologists and engineers, AT&T is more equipped than ever to handle the drive towards innovation.

We remain committed to developing state-of-the-art communications technologies that enable seamless, easy-to-use, high quality and affordable communications — anytime and anywhere.

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