Media Kit: Network Sourcing News

Network Sourcing News

Driving Customer Value Through Network Transformation


As the complexity of technology increases, businesses require more support than ever to satisfy their IT needs. Network sourcing enables AT&T to handle overall design, management, and evolution of a customer’s network. Doing so can help customers control costs, improve productivity, and simplify their IT environments by allowing AT&T - a proven industry leader - to manage the network while the company remains focused on more strategic IT initiatives.

In a recent study of AT&T customers conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), BCG verified that AT&T customers anticipate savings of 15 percent or greater when signing a network sourcing deal. In actuality, some customers surveyed realized savings of between 35 - 50 percent of their total networking IT budget - not simply telecom expenses - after outsourcing to AT&T.

The Network Sourcing offer created by AT&T is based on more than 100 years of investments, best practice development, processes, and tools that the company uses daily in its own business. Our team of more than 13,000 network integration professionals works closely with customers’ CIOs, acting as an extension of the customer team while offering core IT expertise not typically available on-staff. AT&T takes care of the nuts and bolts, allowing customers to focus using technology in more strategic ways to help them compete more aggressively in the marketplace.


Network sourcing allows CIOs and their teams to focus more strictly on business performance.
The AT&T Network Sourcing Dedicated Service Team provides value to the customer by following
a specific, three-step model:

AT&T Network Sourcing Model


AT&T’s Network Sourcing offer can be comprised of any of a variety of different products and services that AT&T provides, including:

  • Mobility
  • Local or wide-area networks
  • Voice services
  • IP telephony
  • Security
  • Cloud solutions

Clients can receive any of a number of deliverables during their AT&T Network Sourcing engagement, including:

  • Consulting - AT&T offers an expert advisor and team that offers objective solutions
  • Strategy - AT&T provides a technology plan that includes initial network design as well as updates, migrations and enhancements
  • Governance - AT&T outlines implementation processes and strategies based on best practices
  • Compliance and Risk Reduction - AT&T recommends technology deployments, upgrades, operations procedures and security measures that help companies maintain business compliance and mitigate risk.
  • Cost performance - AT&T Network Sourcing typically enables the customer to reduce capital expense through technology consolidation and shared services, and
  • Evolution - a fully managed introduction of new services into a customer’s existing technology environment.