AT&T connecting your world


Connecting your world

Enterprise software and services have enabled effective collaboration across geographic boundaries, and exciting new solutions for enterprises are constantly being introduced. But, many of these solutions require software installed on each users’ work station, which can stall access, make updates more difficult, and confine program use to a single computer.

IBIS offers a vision of how all that could change. Using WebRTC, an open framework for the web that enables real time communication in the browser, researchers in the AT&T Foundry are able to extend enterprise grade services through the web to virtually limitless endpoints. These services can be accessed seamlessly from and easily transferrable between any device, be it laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet.

seamlessly transitioning to any Internet or network enabled device can create freedom

How did the idea hatch?

Enabling web browsers to communicate without downloading plugins—an effort referred to as Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC)—has been one of the key focuses of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international standards organization for the Internet of which AT&T is a member among other leading technology companies. As the standard is developed, the AT&T Foundry has been exploring its implementation for consumer and business audiences with features ranging from seamlessly integrated SMS text messages to easily transferrable video calls, secure cloud storage, and other enterprise functionality that IBIS would enable, like call policy and admission controls.

The future

As businesses become more connected and face-to-face communication can be achieved on the devices and technology that we surround ourselves with in our offices, homes, and on the go, seamlessly transitioning to any Internet or network enabled device can create freedom, cut costs, and ensure that we never miss important conversations, messages, or documents. As AT&T continues to develop WebRTC-enabled technologies:

  • Budget Saver. Companies can cut travel costs by bringing collaboration functionality to desktop, laptop, and devices.
  • Life management. Employees can collaborate on the go, allowing a more equitable work-life balance.
  • Unified. Communication can become a seamless interaction with the user’s environment instead of restricted to carry-along devices.
  • Endless Possibilities. Developers can leverage AT&T’s WebRTC API to build secure peer- to-peer communications solutions on top of AT&T’s open network, enabling endless possibilities for consumers and business.
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