AT&T Foundry

AT&T Foundry FutureCast in partnership with Ericsson

The AT&T Foundry – along with Foundry sponsor Ericsson and Andrew Keen, author of Cult of the Amateur and Digital Vertigo – is hosting a series of salon-style discussions called FutureCasts at our Palo Alto Foundry. We’re bringing the brightest minds together in Silicon Valley to tackle the future of a wide array of technologies.

Each event will bring together more than 30 leading experts – enterprise executives, startup founders, academics, journalists and public officials – on a technology topic. Our goal: to vet, debate and ultimately spark ideas that will set the course for our collective technology future.

The Wearables Revolution

The Wearables Revolution

The growing popularity of connected wearable devices is presenting endless possibilities in health and lifestyle. In our latest FutureCast, principal guest Dan Eisenhardt at Recon Instruments and more than 50 visionaries in the field discuss where we are in the Wearables Revolution and what it will take to make these devices more mainstream. Watch highlight videos of the conversation.

FutureCast Videos