AT&T mobilizing your world


Users are depending on access to more and more connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, connected cars, and many others.

As this personal network of device endpoints grows, there is a need to extend your AT&T Primary Identity to multiple endpoints, and securely authorize those new endpoints to use your existing AT&T services on behalf of your Primary Identity. The project originated as an idea submitted through AT&T's employee crowdsourcing tool, The Innovation Pipeline (TIP), and moved into AT&T's Foundry innovation center where it was further extended and developed.

Project Cascade extends AT&T voice and messaging services linked to the user's Primary Identity to be available on any secondary device. As new classes of devices get connected to the AT&T network, Cascade will allow users to access their AT&T services seamlessly across their personal network of devices. At first, Cascade will allow users to send and receive calls and messages from any of your devices, including wearables and connected cars, without Bluetooth pairing. Of course, voice and messaging is only the first step towards making new and existing services available to any device seamlessly.