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Cloud Quality of Service (QoS)

AT&T's network is designed to constantly evolve to provide the best possible quality of service (QoS).

As AT&T delivers on its vision for a User-Defined Network Cloud (UDNC) and as more services and applications are delivered through the cloud, maintaining this same QoS will be imperative.

The benefit of delivering services through the cloud is the ability to scale bandwidth on-demand, especially when certain activities require dedicated bandwidth. Take conference calls as an example; to function properly they must retain a certain QoS - such as low latency - to avoid a poor participant experience. Whereas, a data analysis program running in the background may have lower QoS requirements.

So when hosting a variety of applications, how can customers get the QoS that they need on demand? Researchers at AT&T Labs have developed Cloud QoS, a technique for delivering dedicated bandwidth on-demand in a cloud architecture. Developed as part of our research for delivering on UDNC, Cloud QoS automatically understands which applications have the greatest need for QoS assurances, and it intelligently reserves bandwidth on-demand. This creates greater efficiency in how applications run simultaneously and ensures quality of service levels, even under high traffic situations.

Quality and efficiency go hand-in-hand, and Cloud QoS is one way we're working towards the best possible service with our flexible User-Defined Network Cloud.