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Dashboard Manager

AT&T is committed to ending texting while driving. Encouraging others never to text and drive is vital to helping save lives.

Developed through the AT&T Foundry focused on Machine-2-Machine (M2M) and Connected Devices in Plano, TX, Dashboard Messenger is an innovative and low-cost alternative to help reduce the use of cell phones while driving. Dashboard Messenger uses a small device that attaches to the 12v plug outlet available in most vehicle dashboards. It receives messages on the interface, and the driver can respond with a simple "yes" or "no" with the push of a button.

Dashboard Messenger helps customers curb the urge to text and drive. The device sits on the driver's dash and allows the driver to receive messages using a simple two-button interface without distracting the driver. Led by Craig Lee, Director of AT&T's M2M Foundry in Plano, TX, Dashboard Messenger is a prime example of how AT&T's M2M team develops and refines innovative ideas and can quickly turn them into working prototypes with various industry applications. Future applications of Dashboard Messenger include pizza deliveries, home security alarm status, or garage door alerts.