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Effortless Authentication

All of your online accounts and passwords are digital "identities" that can put you at risk of a cybercrime.

Plus, keeping everything straight can be challenging for even the most diligent customers. That's why AT&T is working tirelessly to make authentication a seamless process.

We are leveraging the power of our own network to increase security and ID protection while delivering a more effortless experience to the user. User IDs, passwords and biometrics are the security of today, but innovators in the AT&T Chief Security Office and Security Research teams are working on new approaches including what we call "Effortless Authentication." This approach to security focuses on trusted ID providers, broad multi-factor authentication, personas, and context aware identity management.

Effortless Authentication combines traditional authentication factors such as device authentication with additional context such as your location, time of day, or proximity to other authorized users to provide more secure access. There will be no need to remember passwords or usernames because we're developing a secure and easy way for you to be authenticated, just for being at the right place at the right time.