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Eye Decrypt

Today, people can access sensitive information on the train, on the subway, and in coffee shops. They connect to the Internet using public computers or personal devices via Wi-Fi in airports, libraries and other public places.

This puts sensitive information at the mercy of anyone around you and of any piece of malware running on your device. Not only is the content displayed on your screen at risk but so is your interaction with the device itself (e.g., typing a password or a social security number). How do you protect your information if you can't trust your environment (e.g. someone looking over your shoulder) or a potentially compromised device (e.g. keyloggers)?

AT&T has developed EyeDecrypt, a technology aimed at protecting both the content displayed on your screen as well as the interactions with your device (e.g. by typing). With EyeDecrypt you can safely view decrypted data using a closely-held personal device, such as a pair of smart glasses or a smartphone. To the device or someone looking over your shoulder the screen appears to be a jumbled mess, but you can see the content normally with your smart glasses or a smartphone.