AT&T mobilizing your world

Project Halo

Imagine the maintenance logistics required for a property the size of a small city. It's no easy feat.

With Project Halo, AT&T is researching the integration and potential new development of a solution that could manage maintenance and service processes. AT&T is exploring the use of AT&T's Location Based Services, as well as Air Graffiti, an API and platform from AT&T Labs that connects information and location at a physical address.

In concept, an employee would receive a notification on their mobile device about a maintenance need in one area of the property and the detailed information necessary to complete the task as they walk to that area of the park. In the palm of their hands, they could receive the work order and instructions, without having to travel back to the office.

The goal of Project Halo is to get the right information to the right employee at the right time.