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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to visualizing data, a picture could be worth a billion data points - or more precisely what that data is telling you.

Through graphical representation, data visualization helps us understand massively large data sets, unlock their value and more effectively map the relationships between different types of information. With 56.2 petabytes - or 56,200,000 gigabytes - running across AT&T's network on an average day, data scientists at AT&T Labs Advanced Technolgies are working to improve and simplify maneuvering large data sets through a powerful new visualization technology called a nanocube.

Nanocubes enable users to interact with massively large datasets through visualizations. Users can create models connecting billions of data points that allow you to see the broader, macro picture or quickly zoom into smaller sets of information. And unlike other visualization tools, nanocubes don't require a supercomputer, but rather, visualizations can be done within a web browser on a laptop. Three factors make this possible: software breakthroughs developed at AT&T Labs Advanced Technolgies, the power of the cloud, and exposed APIs. Beyond AT&T, nanocubes can be applied to many diverse datasets, which is why we've released it into Open Source for others to use and build upon it for the future.