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Rich Media Care

Your internet stops working after you fiddled with the wires. Or you think you set up a device properly, but the router still has a blinking red light.

What if there was an app that could allow agents and customers to share images and videos as part of the troubleshooting effort? With the Rich Media Care project you'll see just how agents and customers interact using real-time image sharing to quickly resolve issues.

AT&T is committed to using the latest technology to help ensure an effortless customer experience. Developed by Theresa Provencio, Manager of Quality/Methods & Procedures/Process at AT&T, and Oded Cnaan, manager of AT&T Israel Foundry's innovation program with Home Solutions Support & Care, Rich Media Care is a proof of concept that AT&T is exploring to quickly resolve some of the most common customer issues.

With a rapidly growing subscriber base, millions of customers enjoy AT&T U-verse® service today. In the future, technology like that demonstrated in the Rich Media Care proof of concept could be used to provide enhanced self-install assistance and issue resolution, a session summary and storing shared images, offering tutorials and video links, storing ticket IDs and order confirmations, and more.