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SIM-based Security

Smartphones today have seemingly become part of our identity and are home to our stored personal information.

A new functionality being developed by Adam Lotia at AT&T's Plano Foundry integrates information on a smart card into the SIM card in each user's smartphone - thus eliminating the need to carry both an employee ID card and a phone. The technology is based on two factor security principles: something you have and something you know.

Through collaboration between the Plano Foundry, AT&T's Advanced Business Solutions and Consumer Mobility, the teams have developed a prototype and quickly moved the platform from a proof-of-concept to a market-facing trial system. The pilot is aimed at provisioning a secure credential to a mobile phone and allowing an end-user to use that strong credential for authorization to an application on the mobile device. Opportunities for SIM-based security include stronger encryption capabilities for employees and consumer data, fewer security bugs and software attacks to sensitive information, stronger employee ID methods, and easier replacement of ID badges.