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Smart Luggage

Identifying and tracking lost luggage is a universal frustration among travelers. Innovators at AT&T's Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Foundry are finding new ways to bring network connectivity and intelligence to both existing devices and new hardware.

Craig Lee, Director of the AT&T M2M Foundry in Plano, TX, has led in the development of "Smart Luggage," an intelligent application used to track a customer's luggage in real time. The hardware is designed to be an addition to standard suitcases or bags, and to be compliant with all air carriers and FAA regulations.

Smart Luggage uses a tracking application to provide registration, monitoring, and the ability to control a flashing beacon LED on the luggage. AT&T is in the early stages of developing and testing new innovative approaches to Smart Luggage. Possibilities for further development include alerts when a bag has landed or is outside a set geo-fence, visual indicators sent from a smartphone to signal a bag to "light up," and deeper integration with various international airline and traveler applications.