AT&T mobilizing your world


Today smartphones are ubiquitous - they're seemingly everywhere, convenient and capable of eliminating the need for many specialized hardware products in the marketplace.

AT&T Senior Specialist App Developer, David Daudelin, and co-inventor Pamela Kanal imagined a student or conference attendee reaching for his/her smartphone and having the ability to use it as a personal microphone. Daudelin submitted his idea through AT&T's employee crowdsourcing tool, The Innovation Pipeline, and developed a prototype at an internal employee hackathon. Through SmartMic, consumers can use their smartphones as a wireless microphone and polling response system, thus replacing the need for a wireless transmitter and hardware, allowing participation for anyone with an internet connection on their smartphone.

SmartMic acts as one feature in a customizable conferencing app, PlanIt. When an audience member presses a button to raise their hand on the app, the presenter can give her the floor from the SmartMic website, creating a WebRTC audio connection between the presenter's laptop and the user's phone. When the user speaks, their audio comes out on the laptop, which is connected to the room audio system (as if the presenter were showing a video with sound), giving the audience member the equivalent of a personal, wireless microphone.