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Innovating to Accelerate Technology

Innovating to Accelerate Technology

The AT&T Foundry innovation centers are home to our collaboration with tech leaders and start-ups to fast-track new apps, platforms and more. READ MORE

Connecting Thought Leaders to Explore the Future of Tech

Connecting Though Leaders to Explore the Future of Technology

Bringing Thought Leaders Together to Discuss the Future of Technology READ MORE

Your Next Hotel Key? Your Smartphone

Near Field Communication

The NFC-OTA project shows how secure, wireless tech in smartphones could replace keys, tickets, ID badges and more. READ MORE

Overhauling Small Business for Mobile

Connected Business Center

The prototype Connected Business Center could help small businesses manage a wide range of applications in a simple, mobile-friendly interface READ MORE

Putting You at the Center of Your Health

Putting You at the Center of Your Health

The new mHealth app platform will bridge the gap between health and mobility and puts you in control of your health data. READ MORE

Unlocking simpler security tools

Unlocking simpler security tools

The OpenMSS project aims to simplify network security services. READ MORE

Understanding Your Wireless Bill: A Video Just for You

Your Next Account Statement: A Video Just for You

A collaboration between AT&T and SundaySky, video bill transforms your statement into a simple video that makes it easier to understand your monthly charges.READ MORE

Adjusting the Network to Customers’ Needs in Real-time

Adjusting the Network to Customers’ Needs in Real-time

AT&T and Intucell’s Self-Optimizing Network (SON) is a spectrum-efficient, intelligent network management technology that detects when a cell tower is overloaded and automatically shifts users to a nearby cell tower. READ MORE

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