AT&T to Provide Satellite Services to Nlets, the International Justice and Public Information-Sharing Network

Application Will Be Utilized by the U.S. Armed Forces in the Delivery of Vital Information

Phoenix, Arizona, November 14, 2006

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) today announced that Nlets, the premier provider of secure interstate justice and public-safety network systems, has announced a one-year contract for satellite services with AT&T.

Based in Phoenix, Nlets provides international, computer-based message-switching systems that link state, local, and federal law-enforcement and justice agencies together for the purpose of information exchange. Additionally, Nlets provides information-services support to a growing number of justice-related applications for states, territories, federal agencies and selected international agencies. The types of data exchanged vary from motor vehicle and drivers' data, Canadian "Hot File" records and INS databases to criminal history checks done by justice and public-safety agencies in the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, AT&T will provide Nlets with a frame relay system, satellite equipment and satellite connections. The application will be utilized by the U.S. Armed Forces, along with other key law enforcement entities, to deliver important Homeland Security information.

Nlets searched for a solution to send vital information from remote areas of Iraq to its databases in Washington, D.C. AT&T worked closely with Norsat International — a company that provides military-grade backpacks that carry portable satellite terminals to remote regions — to design and deliver a state-of-the-art secure satellite system for Nlets. The solution AT&T and Norsat created enables soldiers to transmit encrypted information, such as terrorist photographs and fingerprints, through Norsat's satellite to AT&T's IDC frame circuit. AT&T's data center then sends the information to databases housed in the Pentagon and other branches of the federal government.

"The mission of Nlets is to provide, within a secure environment, an international justice telecommunications capability and information services that will benefit, to the highest degree, the safety, security and preservation of human life and the protection of property," said Steve Correll, Nlets' executive director. "With AT&T's satellite services, we are better able to serve other governmental agencies whose missions are to aid in enforcing local, state or international laws or ordinances."

AT&T is also Nlets' domestic network provider that aids 30,000 justice and public safety agencies and transmits more than 80 million messages each month. Through a continuing relationship spanning more than five years, AT&T has been able to consistently provide Nlets with network solutions as the company's technology needs expand. The AT&T and Norsat satellite system created for Nlets is cutting-edge technology that will be a key tool in the fight against terrorism around the globe.

"We are proud to be part of such an important project with Nlets in supporting justice and public safety professionals here and abroad," said Frank Jules, AT&T Network Integration vice president. "AT&T has the right professionals and resources to make these important efforts successful. What's more, AT&T combines its proven success, networking expertise, intellectual property and world-class business partners and agents to help Nlets achieve a seamless, global, customer-focused approach to integrated network solutions across its voice, data and IP infrastructures," Jules added.

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About Nlets
Nlets is the pre-eminent interstate law enforcement network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement and related justice information. Nlets, which is owned by the states, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, which was created by principal law enforcement agencies of the states nearly 40 years ago. The user population is composed of all of the states/territories, every Federal agency with a justice component, and selected international agencies, all cooperatively exchanging data. The types of data being exchanged vary from motor vehicle and drivers' data, Canadian "Hot File" records, and Immigration and Naturalization Service ("INS") databases to state criminal history records. More than 80 million messages are transacted each month.

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