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Next-Gen Gaming & Interface Controls with Ringbow | AT&T
Ringbow, a finger Bluetooth device, enables interactive control for next-gen gaming. Learn about more AT&T foundry and Ringbow device features.

Account Statements & Personalized Video Billing | AT&T
SundaySky's SimpleView video project provides customized video billing statements for AT&T U-verse. Learn about AT&T Foundry and the future of video billing.

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Technology Innovation and News | AT&T
AT&T Foundry includes innovative new technologies around mobile devices, TVs, and more. Learn about AT&T innovation and the latest news.

AT&T Foundry Innovation Centers to Accelerate Technology | AT&T
AT&T Foundry innovation centers are the home to technology collaboration, innovative ideas, new apps, and more. Learn more about AT&T Foundry and developer innovation.

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