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AT&T Intellectual Property has a large, always-growing patent portfolio. Our organization employs an innovative, multifaceted program to protect and derive value from our innovations in a variety of ways: patents for core products and services, patent licensing, patent sales and more.
We have been recognized as having one of the strongest patent portfolios in the telecommunications industry and we lead the charge in obtaining new patents. AT&T and the communications market receive significant value from our patent portfolio through our creative programs, analysis and fast moving, entrepreneurial approach to working with the intellectual property community.
Like other large corporations with sophisticated Intellectual Property operations, AT&T Intellectual Property has implemented a process to constantly monitor and manage our patent portfolio. One byproduct of this ongoing process is the examination of our patent holdings and identification of assets that can be offered for sale. Patent assets listed here are grouped by technology and offered in lots. Expand the lot ID for a description or click on the lot ID for a detailed listing of the specific patents.
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