International Services Terms and Conditions


Certain eligibility restrictions apply which may be based on service tenure, payment history and/or credit. Rates are subject to change. For countries, rates, and additional details, see

International Long Distance: International rates apply for calls made and messages sent from the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I. to another country. Calling or messaging to some countries may not be available. Calls to wireless numbers and numbers for special services, such as Premium Rated Services, may cost more than calls to wireline numbers. If a customer calls an overseas wireline number and the call is forwarded to a wireless number, the customer will be charged for a call terminated to a wireless number. International Long Distance calling rates are charged per minute and apply throughout the same footprint in which the customer's airtime package minutes apply.

International Long Distance Text, Picture & Video Messaging: Additional charges apply for premium messages and content. Messages over 300 KBs are billed an additional 50¢/message. For full details on Messaging, see For a complete list of countries, please visit

International Roaming: Compatible Device required. Your plan may include the capability to make and receive calls while roaming internationally. AT&T, in its sole discretion, may block your ability to use your Device while roaming internationally until eligibility criteria are met. International roaming rates, which vary by country, apply for all calls placed or received while outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I. Please consult or call 611 or 800-331-0500 for a list of currently available countries and carriers. All countries may not be available for roaming. All carriers within available countries may not be available on certain plans or packages. Availability, quality of coverage and services while roaming are not guaranteed. When roaming internationally, you will be charged international roaming airtime rates including when incoming calls are routed to voicemail, even if no message is left. Substantial charges may be incurred if Device is taken out of the U.S. even if no services are intentionally used. Billing for international roaming usage may be delayed up to three billing cycles due to reporting between carriers. Taxes are additional. If you want to block the ability to make and receive calls or use data functions while roaming internationally, you may request that by calling 1-916-843-4685 (at no charge from your wireless phone).

International Data: International data rates apply to all data usage outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I., including accessing cloud-based services to upload/download/stream content. Many devices, including iPhone transmit and receive data messages without user intervention and can generate unexpected charges when powered “on” outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I. AT&T may send “alerts” via SMS or email, to notify you of data usage. These are courtesy alerts. There is no guarantee you will receive them. They are not a guarantee of a particular bill limit. Receipt of Visual Voicemail messages are charged at international data pay-per-use rates unless customer has an international data plan/package, in which case receipt of Visual Voicemail messages decrement Kilobytes included in such plan/package.

Data Global Add-Ons and Global Messaging Packages require that domestic data or messaging capability be in place. Rates apply only for usage within “roam zone” comprised of select carriers. Within the roam zone, overage rate applies if you exceed the MBs allotted for any Data Global Add-On or the messages allotted for any Global Messaging Package. International roaming pay-per-use rates apply in countries outside the roam zone. See for current roam zone list. For terms and conditions that apply to all data and messaging plans/packages, see

Cruise Ship Roaming: Cruise ship roaming rates apply for calls placed or data used while on the ship.

Export Restrictions: Certain international destinations are subject to trade sanctions, embargoes and restrictions under U.S. law and import licensing under foreign laws. As of May 1, 2009, the U.S. had embargoes or export restrictions with five countries, including Syria and Sudan, which may require an export license for your wireless Device. See and for specific information. You are solely responsible for complying with U.S. Export Control laws and regulations, and the import laws and regulations of foreign countries when traveling internationally with your Device.

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