AT&T U-VERSE® TV AND AT&T PHONE Fee Schedule (Consumer)

This Fee Schedule sets out certain fees applicable to the AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T Phone Services identified in the table below, which Services are subject to the AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T Phone Terms of Service available at

This Fee Schedule is incorporated into and made a part of the AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T Phone Terms of Service. Terms not otherwise defined herein are defined in the AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T Phone Terms of Service.

In addition to any amounts due for U-verse TV and/or AT&T Phone Services and Equipment, the following fees may apply. AT&T reserves the right to change these fees, increase or decrease these fees, or impose additional fees without notice by publishing an update to this Fee Schedule to Additional fees may apply for non-standard installations or for equipment upgrades. Further, taxes may apply and vary by location. If you have any questions, please call 800.288.2020.

The following fees are effective as of April 1, 2018

Monthly Fees
Fee U-verse TV AT&T Phone When you Pay
Broadcast TV Surcharge $4.99 – $5.99   Fee to help recover a portion of the amount local broadcasters charge AT&T to carry their channels.
Equipment fee: DVR Receiver $15   Monthly recurring charge for set-top box when not already included in package price.
Equipment Fee: Additional Receiver $10   Monthly recurring charge for additional receivers.
HD Access Fee $10   Monthly recurring charge for access to HD programming.
Vacation Hold $7 $7 per line Monthly recurring charge if you put your service on a temporary hold while on vacation (up to 9 months). If you have U-verse TV, AT&T Phone and Internet you will be required to put all three on hold, including all phone line(s).
Transactional Fees
Fee U-verse TV AT&T Phone When you Pay
Activation Fee $35   One-time charge that covers the work to set up your account and activate the service.
Bill Reprint Fee $5 per bill $5 per bill If you request a paper bill reprint.
Early Termination Fee Up to $180 (pro-rated by number of months completed) Up to $180 (pro-rated by number of months completed) If you terminate your service prior to completing your agreed upon term.
Installation Fee Up to $199 for U-verse TV; up to $99 for AT&T Phone Up to $199 for U-verse TV; up to $99 for AT&T Phone If you have new service installed.
Late Payment Fee $9.25 $9.25 If you don't pay your bill by the due date
Minimum Service Charge Non-refundable flat rate of $9.99   Non-refundable one-time fee if we place your account in minimum service status due to non-payment.
Non-Return Equipment Fee Up to $150   If you fail to return your equipment after canceling service.
NSF/Returned Check Fee Up to $30 Up to $30 If you make a payment by check or other method that is declined.
Payment Convenience Fee $5 per bill/payment $5 per bill/payment If you make your payment with the assistance of an Authorized Retail Agent, Customer Service or Collections Representative.
Premium Package Downgrade $5   If you change your programming package to a lower priced package within the first 30 days of ordering.
Restoral Fee $35 per account $35 per account When you restore your service after it is placed in a minimum service state.
Service Repair Dispatch $99 ($149 for Dispatch on Demand) $99 ($149 for Dispatch on Demand) If we have to dispatch a truck to repair your service. If you refuse to troubleshoot, the fee of $149 applies. Additional charges apply for new wiring, new jack or wall drop ($55 per outlet + $20 if a wall drop is required).
411/Directory Assistance   $2.49/per use Charges for National Directory Assistance on the AT&T network, including telephone numbers and addresses of business, government and residential listings throughout the United States.

Pricing, fees and features are subject to change at any time without notice.