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AT&T. The Nation's MOST RELIABLE 4G LTE Network.1


What is 4G LTE?

It stands for Long Term Evolution,
but what it really means is speeds up
to 10x faster than 3G.2

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What makes 4G LTE different?

It lets you stream clear, crisp
video faster than ever before, download
songs in a few beats, apps almost
instantly, and so much more.

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The AT&T 4G LTE network is
already in hundreds of cities, and
we're getting even bigger.


AT&T has you covered
AT&T 4G LTE covers more than 300
million people. Add in our other network technologies and we cover over 320 million. What does this mean for you? Nationwide coverage you can count on.
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Small cells make a big difference

We're adding thousands of small cells to the
AT&T network to make it perform even better.

AT&T covers 99% of all Americans

Odds are, our network covers you and just
about everyone you know.

Claim based on voice and data coverage in U.S. licensed and roaming areas. Compatible device required. Coverage not available everywhere.

Network news

What are we doing to improve our network?
What cities have been upgraded recently?

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