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Pay and Save with a Tap of Your Phone


What is Isis®?

Isis Mobile Wallet is a free mobile app that uses NFC technology to let you pay and save at stores with just a tap of your smartphone. The Wallet holds participating payment and loyalty cards while organizing offers so they’re always with you.

Plus, paying with the Isis Mobile Wallet is safer than using your physical wallet while still giving you the same benefits and protections as your plastic cards.

Learn How the Isis Mobile Wallet Works


Savings always with you

Your Isis Mobile Wallet holds offers and loyalty cards so they’re always with you. You get savings and loyalty points without having to carry around extra cards and coupons.


See special offers


Safer than your existing wallet

The Isis Mobile Wallet is safer than your physical wallet. You enjoy all the same benefits and protections as your plastic cards plus several extra layers of protection.

You select a unique PIN that you enter each time you open the Wallet.

Remote lock
If your phone is ever lost or stolen, one call or click can freeze the Wallet.

Secure element
Sensitive data is stored on a special chip in your phone. This chip is designed specifically for Isis Mobile Wallet and restricts unauthorized access.

Protective ID
A unique transaction ID is sent with each payment, making it more difficult to counterfeit your card.

Personal privacy
What you buy is between you and the stores where you shop.

Get Ready to Tap, Pay and Save


What you need to get started

To set up the Isis Mobile Wallet, just follow these steps:

1. Get your phone ready for Isis

Android™: To use the Wallet, you need an Isis Ready® phone with a secure element SIM.

To check your Android phone for a secure element SIM card, remove the SIM and look for a gray mark in the bottom-right corner.

To get your free secure element SIM card, visit an AT&T retail store near you.

iPhone users: To use the wallet, you need an Isis Ready iPhone Case.

2. Download the app
The free Isis Mobile Wallet app is avialable form Google Play and the App Store.
Download app from Google Play

Download app from Apple Store



3. Activate your Wallet
Launch the Isis Mobile Wallet app on your phone and follow the prompts to enter your email address and create a password and PIN. Now you’re ready to load your payment and loyalty cards.


What cards can I use with Isis?

To start paying with your phone, you can add your existing credit cards from participating issuers like American Express and Chase.
View eligible cards

If you don't have an eligible card to add to your Wallet, you can set up an American Express Serve® Account that you can add money to with your preferred credit card, debit card, or U.S. bank account. 


How to add cards to your Wallet

To add a compatible card to your Wallet, just follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Wallet app and enter your PIN.

  2. Tap ADD A PAYMENT CARD, then tap the logo for the type of card you
    want to add.

  3. Follow the prompts to enter your card information.
    Some cards might require your online banking
    username and password.


How and Where to Use Isis®


Look for the contactless symbol

You can pay with Isis anywhere contactless payments are accepted.1
Find a store near you


Get ready to check out

When you're ready to pay, open the Wallet and enter your 4-digit PIN. To use an offer, just select it by checking the box next to it and following the on-screen directions. Then select the payment card you'd like to use.


Tap and pay

Tap by holding the back of your phone to the payment terminal. At stores that use Isis SmartTap™ technology, you just tap to pay for your purchases, and any applicable points or discounts will be applied to your purchases. You’ll receive a confirmation message after every tap. It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does it cost anything to download or use the Isis Mobile Wallet?

No, the Isis Mobile Wallet app is free to download, and there are no fees to use the Wallet. Message and data rates may apply.

2. Do all NFC-capable phones work with the Isis Mobile Wallet?

No, not all devices that are NFC-capable are also Isis Ready. Visit AT&T Isis Ready devices to view a complete list.

3. Where can I get the secure element SIM to use with the Isis Mobile Wallet?

You can get a secure element SIM by visiting select AT&T stores. You can check if your phone already has a secure element SIM by downloading and running the Isis Mobile Wallet app.

4. Do I need Wi-Fi for the Isis Mobile Wallet to work?

No, transactions are processed Over the Air (OTA) for validation.

5. What if I need support?

If you have issues with the Isis Mobile Wallet, you can contact AT&T customer support. You can also contact your card issuers if you have issues with your payment cards.

6. What if I lose my phone with an Isis Mobile Wallet?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can freeze the Wallet by visiting or calling AT&T.

7. Where can I learn more about Isis?

Visit for the latest news about the Isis Mobile Wallet.

1American Express Serve: Eligibility, fees, and restrictions apply. See the American Express Serve Consumer User Agreement at for details. American Express Serve in the Isis Mobile Wallet is accepted anywhere American Express contactless payments are accepted.

Chase credit cards are issued by Chase Bank USA, N.A., subject to credit approval. Isis is solely responsible for providing all Isis Mobile Wallet services and benefits. Isis Terms of Service available at Eligibility of payment cards and offers depends on card issuer and merchant participation. Message and data rates may apply. Postpaid wireless plan required. Ability to tap or transmit loyalty and offer information varies among participating merchants. Contactless Marks are property of EMVCo, LLC. Isis Mobile Wallet, Isis Ready, SmartTap and the associated logos are trademarks of JVL Ventures, LLC. ©2014 JVL Ventures, LLC.