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3G MicroCell

Would you like to have the power of a miniature cellular tower in your own home? Now you can, with the 3G MicroCell. Extend the wireless network in your home or small business for improved localized cellular performance. The 3G Microcell connects to your broadband Internet service to create a strong, secure signal. Your new network can even be shared – up to four AT&T 3G or 4G phones may be used at the same time.

The features of the 3G Microcell include:

  • Increased signal strength – Experience strong 3G network performance right in your home. Get more bars in areas where some users could experience a weaker signal due to home construction or geography.
  • Unlimited talk time – Add the Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature and your whole family can enjoy unlimited domestic calling. You can even start calls on your MicroCell and continue them wherever you like without using up minutes!
  • Home office/Small office – Improved cell service means peace of mind, knowing you won't miss important business calls. And when you add the Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature, you can control costs by having unlimited minutes available to talk with customers without worrying about using up your included plan minutes.
  • No monthly fees – You may use the minutes and data from your existing wireless plan, so no other fees are required.
  • Security – You choose who is allowed access to your 3G MicroCell network, so it cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Online management – Handle all your settings with convenient and secure online account management. We make it easy to add or delete users, change the service address if you move, or even add a second MicroCell to your account.

How It Works

Learn how to create a 3G signal in your home or small business.

Understanding Wi-Fi

If available, Wi-Fi is the best solution for home and small office broadband access.

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Add 3G MicroCell

Add 3G MicroCell

Log into your existing myAT&T account and add 3G MicroCell.

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3G MicroCell FAQ

3G MicroCell FAQ

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about 3G MicroCell.

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