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Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale


Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale


The smart way to stay fit
Your Fitbit Aria smart scale helps you keep track
of the important milestones on your weight man-
agement journey. It automatically taps into your,
home wireless network each time you weigh in
and uploads and saves your information to
With the Fitbit Aria, you can analyze
your fitness stats using easy-to-read graphs,
helping you to stop fixating on short-term changes
and focus on your long-term progress.


See more than your weight
The Fitbit Aria smart scale lets you track more than
just your weight. It also lets you see your Body Mass
Index (BMI) and your body fat percentage and view,
them on the large, bright numerical display. Because
the scale uses Wi-Fi to connect to your wireless
home network – with a range that’s up to 3X better
than most BLUETOOTH® scales – you can share
data with family or friends inside your home.


Track your progress online
When you weigh in, the Fitbit Aria uploads and
saves your information to your account.
With this account, you can track your progress
with easy-to-read graphs that show changes in
your weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. But
weighing yourself Is only part of the equation – the
Fitbit Aria provides a complete weight manage-
ment system that gives you lots of online tools to
help you achieve your goals.


Build a community
Most goals are easier when you have a network of
like-minded people supporting you. So
lets you Invite friends or find groups who can
encourage you on your weight management jour-
ney. You can even share your smart scale with up to
seven other household members who can see their
own stats on their separate accounts.
Plus, everyone can share their stats via Twitter and

Key Features


Keeps track of weight, Body Mass Index, and body fat percentage.


Connect to your wireless home network with a range that’s up to 3X better than most BLUETOOTH® scales.


Track progress on or your free iPhone app and share via Facebook and Twitter.


Supports stats and accounts for up to seven people.

Compatible Devices
  • Acer:
  • Acer ICONIA TAB A501 - Dark Chrome
  • Apple:
  • Apple® iPad® with Wi-Fi + 3G , Apple iPhone 5 , Apple® iPhone® 4s , Apple® iPad® with Wi-Fi + Cellular , Apple® iPad® Air with Wi-Fi + Cellular , Apple iPhone 3GS , Apple® iPad® mini with Retina® display with Wi-Fi + Cellular , Apple iPhone 4 , Apple® iPad® 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G
  • Asus:
  • ASUS VivoTab (TM) RT
  • AT&T:
  • SIM for Apple® iPad® Wi-Fi + Cellular device , Impulse 4G (TM) by AT&T , SIM for Apple® iPad® 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G device , attAvailPrepaid , SIM for Apple® iPad® Wi-Fi + 3G device , SIM for Apple® iPhone® 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s devices , AT&T Avail (TM)2 - GoPhone® , SIM for Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 10.1 device , SIM for Apple® iPad® Air Wi-Fi + Cellular device , SIM for Apple® iPad® mini with Retina® display Wi-Fi + Cellular device , attFusionPrepaid
  • HTC:
  • HTC Status (TM) , HTC One® , HTC Jetstream (TM) - Shimmering Silver , HTC One (TM) X , HTC Inspire (TM) 4G , HTC TITAN (TM) II , HTC One(TM) X+ , HTC Aria (TM) , HTC First (TM) - GoPhone® , HTC One (TM) VX , HTC Vivid (TM)
  • LG:
  • LG Thrill (TM) 4G , LG Optimus G(TM) , lgThrivePrepaid , LG Escape (TM) , LG Nitro (TM) HD , LG Optimus G Pro (TM) , LG Phoenix (TM)
  • Motorola:
  • MOTOROLA ATRIX (TM) 4G* , MOTOROLA FLIPSIDE (TM) , Motorola Backflip (TM) , MOTOROLA BRAVO (TM) , MOTOROLA ATRIX (TM) 2 , Motorola Flipout (TM)
  • Nokia:
  • Nokia Lumia 920 , Nokia Lumia 820
  • Pantech:
  • Pantech Crossover (TM) , Pantech Pocket (TM) , Pantech Flex (TM) , Pantech Burst (TM) , Pantech Discover (TM) , Pantech Element (TM) - Black
  • Samsung:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note® II - GoPhone® , Samsung Focus (TM) Flash , Samsung Galaxy S® 4 , Samsung Galaxy Note® 8.0 , Samsung Galaxy S® 4 Active (TM) , Samsung Focus® 2 , samsungCaptivatePrepaid , Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate (TM) , Samsung ATIV smart PC , Samsung Galaxy Tab (TM) 8.9 , Samsung Infuse (TM) 4G , Samsung Galaxy S (TM) II , Samsung Galaxy Tab (TM) , Samsung Rugby® Smart , Samsung Galaxy S® III , Samsung Galaxy Note (TM) , samsungDoubletimePrepaid , Samsung Captivate (TM) Glide , Samsung Focus (TM) S , Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (TM) , Samsung Galaxy Express (TM) , Samsung Galaxy Express(TM) GoPhone® , Samsung Galaxy S (TM) II Skyrocket (TM)
  • Sharp:
  • Sharp® FX (TM) PLUS
  • Sony:
  • Sony Xperia (TM) TL , sonyPTablet
  • Sony Ericsson:
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia (TM) PLAY 4G , Sony Ericsson Xperia (TM) X10A

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Item SKU: 4019A(Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale)

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