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iGo Tip Pack - LG

iGo power tips for LG devices (2 tips included). Must be used with an iGo wall charger, car charger or powerXtender (sold separately).
Compatible Devices
  • LG:
  • LG CU500 , LG CU515 , LG A340 , LG Nitro (TM) HD , LG VU(TM) , LG CP150 GoPhone® - Prepaid , LG CU400 , LG Xpression (TM) , LG Invision(TM) , LG C2000 , LG CG225 , LG CG300 , LG ElectronicsCG225 BLK , LG Phoenix (TM) , LG CE110 , LG CU720 SLV , LG Neon (TM) GoPhone® - Prepaid , LG Shine(TM) , LG CG180 - GoPhone® (Pay As You Go) , LG VU(TM) , LG Electronics C1500 , LG CU500v , LG Trax , LG CU320 , LG ElectronicsCG180-PAYG
  • Motorola:
  • Motorola L6

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Item SKU: 71791(iGo Tip Pack - LG)

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