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Music that's always right for you

Truly unlimited listening

With Beats Music™, you get:

  • Unlimited downloads and streaming*
  • Access to over 20 million songs
  • What you want, when you want across multiple devices

Family $14.99 per month, first 90 days free. Up to 5 users and 10 devices. 
Individual $9.99 per month, first 30 days free. One user and up to 3 devices.

Curated by music experts

Unlike many other services,
Beats Music is human. Music
experts and DJs curate
handpicked playlists to match
your emotions and activities.
You won’t struggle to find
something to play next,
because Beats Music will guide
you to it.


                      Create the perfect playlist
                      for right now

                                             The Sentence is a one-of-a-kind way to
                                             connect to your music. Tell Beats Music
                                             where you are, what you’re doing, who
                                             you’re with, and your mood, and it’ll deliver
                                             a playlist just for you. Listen to it, then
                                             share it with your friends on social media.

Start listening now!

As a wireless AT&T customer, you can get
the best deal in downloading and streaming
music right now!

    Compatible Devices

   Beats Music™ will work on the devices listed below. This list is updated often, so if you do not see your device, check back soon.



    Android™ 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) and later

Galaxy Rugby Pro™

Galaxy S 4 Active


HTC First

HTC One mini


HTC One X+

HTC One Xv

LG Escape


LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G

Motorola Atrix HD

Motorola X™

Pantech Discover

Pantech Flex

Samsung Galaxy Express™

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Note® II

Samsung Galaxy Note® 3

Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S® 4 zoom

Samsung Galaxy S® III mini

    iPhone® 4.0 and later, with iOS 6 or later

Apple iPhone® 4

Apple iPhone® 4s

Apple iPhone® 5

Apple iPhone® 5c

Apple iPhone® 5s

    Windows Phone® 8.0 or later

Samsung ATIV S™ Neo

HTC 8x

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1520

    Older devices not shown here are not currently supported, but may be added soon.


Beats Music FAQs

What is Beats Music?
Beats Music is a monthly premium music service subscription and app that combines on-demand streaming with recommendation engines featuring human-curated music, not just a computer algorithm. Beats Music plays the right song for you, at the right time, chosen by people who know what song comes next from a library of more than 20 million songs. The best music experts and DJs in the world curate handpicked playlists to match your emotions and activities throughout the day, something only Beats Music delivers.

Who can sign up for Beats Music?
Beats Music is available to postpaid new and existing AT&T wireless consumer accounts in good standing.

How can other people on my account enjoy Beats Music?
Up to five people on the same AT&T wireless account can download and use Beats Music with the Family Plan. All they have to do is download the Beats Music app and enter their AT&T mobile phone number during the registration process, and Beats Music will take care of the rest.

Can I change who in my family has access to Beats Music?
You can add new users to the Family account by simply downloading the Beats Music app to their devices. If you need to remove a user, simply remove the feature from their line using the myAT&T app or online at

What devices is Beats Music available on?

  • Android™ 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) and later
  • iPhone® 4 and later, with iOS 6 or later
  • Windows Phone® 8.0 or later
  • iPad® and Android tablets (not optimized), and via the Web.

How does Beats Music know what I like?
When first setting up Beats Music, you're asked to choose a few genres and artists that you like, and you can adjust the choices to show those you like most. From then on, your behavior using the app influences what you see on the Just For You screen, where you'll find recommended music tailored to your tastes.

Do I need a data plan to use Beats Music?
Yes. Beats Music allows you to stream and download music to your smartphone or tablet, so an appropriate data plan is necessary. For example, using the service to stream about 30 songs a day for 15 days in a month would use about 4GB of data. On average, downloading a 4-minute song at 320Kbps (high-quality setting) would consume about 8MB of data.

Can I use Beats Music on Wi-Fi?
Yes, though you cannot restrict streaming audio to Wi-Fi only. You can limit downloading to Wi-Fi only in the application settings.

Can I download songs with Beats Music?
Definitely! You can search for songs and artists you like, or save music from your playlists onto your phone or computer so you can listen to them offline anytime. You can keep these songs on your device for as long as you remain an active subscriber to the service. If you cancel the service, you no longer have access to the music you downloaded. (Remember, downloading music draws from your data package, so we strongly recommend you download songs while connected to Wi-Fi.)

If I download music on my phone, can I listen to it on my tablet or computer?
Downloaded music stays in that device's memory, so you would not be able to play it from another device. However, you can download the same music on multiple devices.

Can I listen to my playlists on other devices?
Yes! Your playlists are saved with your login information, so you can access them from any device you've logged in on.

What happens to my Beats Music subscription if I switch wireless service providers?
If you change providers or cancel your Beats Music service, your username and password will stay active for a limited time, along with your settings, favorites, and playlists. You can reestablish your account using credit card billing at any time. However, the Family Plan is not available with credit card billing or from any carrier other than AT&T. If the Family Plan is on your mobile number and you cancel service (but other lines on the account remain active), other subscribed members will receive notification and another line will need to subscribe to the Family Plan to continue service.

30 or 90 Days Free: Offer ends 9/30/14. New Beats Music Family subscriber will receive first 90 days free. Available to up to 5 users across 10 devices on an AT&T wireless multi-line account. New Beats Music Individual Plan subscriber will receive first 30 days free. Available to 1 user across 3 devices. After free period ends, applicable monthly rates will automatically be charged to your AT&T wireless bill ($14.99/mo. for Family or $9.99/mo. for Individual). Cancel anytime. Data rates and taxes may apply. To view, modify, or cancel your subscription, go to

Unlimited Downloads: Downloads only accessible for as long as service remains active. Downloading and streaming over the wireless network may use excess data and incur large data charges.

For terms of use, visit Beats Music is a trademark of Beats Music, LLC.