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Great Devices Selection

Looking for the perfect smartphone or other web-enabled device? Ready to replace your busted, old cell phone with some new hotness? We have the best selection of smartphones, including the latest iPhone® and Android™ devices, plus cell phones in almost every style and color you can imagine.

Choose the latest “must-have” phone features that meet your needs, including HD camera and video, touchscreen, 4G capability, and Wi-Fi.

Cell Phones

Shop our online selection of new or refurbished cell phones and choose from a wide variety of styles and manufacturers, including flip, bar, and slider phones from HTC, LG, Pantech, Samsung, and many more.


With advanced operating systems and traditional cellular phone capabilities, smartphones enable you to wirelessly browse the Web, access corporate or personal email, manage your calendar, contacts, and more. Choose from iPhone®, Android®, or BlackBerry® operating systems to get the smartphone that's perfect for you.

Broadband Devices

Go mobile with devices like iPads®, tablets, netbooks, mobile hotspots, USB modems, and other mobile electronics.

Choosing an AT&T Phone

Learn how to choose a wireless phone from the wide selection at AT&T. Follow these steps to find a phone that fits your individual needs.

Data Calculator

Select your device and estimate your daily or monthly usage.

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Understanding Wi-Fi

Learn more about using Wi-Fi in your home or office, Wi-Fi hotspots, and how to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.

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Data Plans Overview

Figure out what your data needs are, then find a data plan that meets them.

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