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AT&T Network

Learn the reasons why so many customers are making AT&T their network of choice: speed, coverage, and technology.

  • Speed – Not only has AT&T started deploying 4G LTE, we've also deployed fast HSPA+ technology throughout our mobile broadband network – delivering 4G speeds when combined with enhanced backhaul. 4G lets you do more of the things you love, only faster. Stream clear, crisp video faster than ever. Download photos in a snap. Stream music in a beat. Download movies in minutes and apps almost instantly! All this, plus AT&T is the only mobile broadband network that lets you talk and surf at the same time!

  • Coverage – Our 4G footprint is growing fast. AT&T has deployed HSPA+ to almost 100% of our mobile broadband network, enabling 4G speeds when combined with enhanced backhaul. In addition, AT&T launched 4G LTE service in Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago, and expanded 4G LTE coverage to 70 million+ Americans in 15 major metropolitan areas.  As if that wasn’t enough, AT&T also has the best global coverage with more phones that work in more countries.

  • Technology – AT&T is the only carrier offering two layers of network technology that deliver 4G speeds: HSPA+ and LTE. Why does that matter? Not only will you enjoy fast 4G speeds both with the HSPA+ network and where LTE is available, you’ll also get a smoother, more consistent mobile broadband experience as our network continues to evolve.

To find out more information, visit the Network Center and see why you’ll want to make AT&T your network too.

Introducing AT&T 4G LTE

Fast just got faster – get a productivity boost with faster upload speeds.

4G-Capable Devices

Find the 4G-capable device that meets your needs.

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our 4G network.

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