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Long distance calling for GoPhone customers


GoPhone international calling

With GoPhone, you pay in advance for wireless service. There's no annual contract, no credit check, and no deposit!

  • Get unlimited calling and text messaging from the U.S. to Mexico with the $60 monthly plan and the U.S., Mexico & Canada monthly plan.
  • U.S., Mexico & Canada monthly plan includes 1¢ per-minute calls from the U.S. to Canada, calls from Mexico and Canada to select countries, and calls within Mexico and Canada.
  • Calling is available from the U.S. to over 225 countries at great per-minute rates.
  • GoPhone rate plans include calls to Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Mariana Islands.

  • View GoPhone International Long Distance rates >

Long distance calling packages*


International Plus Long Distance package

  • Get 1,000 minutes of calling from the U.S. to cell phones and landlines in Mexico for $10 per month. Also includes calls to cellphones in other countries like Canada, China, and India.
  • Make calls to landlines in over 50 countries including Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela.
  • Available with the $45 plan, the $55 U.S., Mexico & Canada plan, and the $60 plan. Limit of 2 packages within a 30-day period.

Long Distance Calling package

    • Get 250 minutes of calling for $5 per month from the U.S. to landlines in over 50 countries including Mexico, China, India, United Kingdom, and Ireland.
    • Calls to mobile phones in other select countries are available



How to dial internationally


Making calls and sending messages from the U.S.:

Dial +, followed by the country code and local number.
Example: call to U.S.: +1 (area code)(local number)
Example: call to UK: +44 (local number in UK)


  • While in Mexico, Canada, or other countries, the country code to call back to the U.S. is 1. 
  • With most GSM phones, the + key will appear on your screen if you press and hold down the 0 key.

Select country by alphabetic listing

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International text messages with GoPhone


Many of our GoPhone plans include unlimited text messages sent from the U.S to over 100 countries.


International roaming for GoPhone customers


U.S., Mexico & Canada plan

Now you can travel in Mexico and Canada with ease with our $55 U.S., Mexico & Canada monthly plan.

  • Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico
  • Unlimited messaging while roaming in Mexico and Canada
  • 1¢ per-minute calls to Canada, calls within Mexico and Canada, and from Mexico and Canada to select countries
  • Unlimited nationwide Talk & Text plus 1GB data at device high-speed*



Here are the GoPhone roaming rates in Mexico and Canada for those not on the U.S., Mexico, and Canada monthly plan. For local and long distance calls, both inbound and outbound, the rates are 25 cents per minute for Mexico, 39 cents per minute for Canada, and 99 cents per minute for the Gulf of Mexico. For text messaging, the rates are 25 cents per message sent and 20 cents per message received. For picture messaging, the rates are $1.30 cents per message sent and 25 cents per message received. Data, including instant messaging, is only available with the $25 per 1 gigabyte data package on the $55 U.S., Mexico, and Canada monthly plan.



  • All GoPhone customers are automatically eligible to roam in Mexico and Canada. International roaming in other countries is unavailable.
  • If you have a messaging package (or are on a rate plan that includes messaging) the text, picture, or video messages you receive while roaming will be applied against the package or plan.
  • Domestic data packages and plans that contain data service do not cover any data use while roaming in Mexico and Canada.
  • If you are on a plan with a daily access fee, it will not be charged when roaming in these countries.


Voicemail Tips

You can access your voicemail when roaming in Mexico or Canada using one of two ways:

  • Hold the 1 key
  • Dial +1, and then your area code and wireless number

Once you hear your voicemail greeting, press the * key and enter your voicemail password.


Assistance while roaming in Mexico or Canada

To reach Automated Assistance or Customer Care while roaming
in Mexico or Canada, dial 611 from your wireless phone or +1 408.962.1025 from any landline phone.