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Apps, Games & Music

You might not realize it, but you can do a lot more with your existing AT&T phone by adding great applications. A wide variety of applications are available, including:

  • Free Apps – Listen to music, keep in touch with your email and social networks, get GPS and location navigation service, and much more – all for free!
  • Music/TV – A world of entertainment options on your phone, including ringtones, featured artists, and mobile phone movies, TV, and entertainment add-ons.
  • GPS – AT&T Location Based Services let you stay on track and in the know using your GPS-enabled phone.
  • Games – Find a little diversion with new and classic games for your AT&T phone. Whether you’re into arcade, action, sport, or casino – we’ve got the game for you.
  • Productivity – Turn your AT&T phone into an email machine, a personal assistant, a researcher, a problem solver, and more with apps like Mobile Email 3.0 or AT&T Social Net.

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