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Parental Controls

Would you like your child to have the freedom and security of a wireless phone while you set sensible boundaries for its use? You can have that and more with Smart Limits for Wireless from AT&T.

Smart Limits lets you:

  • Block incoming and outgoing calls and text messages – now up to 30 numbers.
  • Block calls to 411 Directory Assistance (including 555-1212).
  • Restrict times of day the phone can be used for messaging, browsing and outbound calling.
  • Set limits for the number of text and instant messages allowed per billing cycle.
  • Choose a dollar limit for downloadable purchases (ringtones, games, apps).
  • Select the amount of Web browsing/data usage allowed per billing cycle.
  • Restrict access to inappropriate content with content filters.

Additional Smart Limits features include:

  • Warning message for your child when they get close to the text and download limits.
  • Notifications listing the services that are blocked because the set limit is reached.
  • Calls and text messages to and from phone numbers designated as "Allowed Numbers" (including calls to/from 911) are permitted regardless of the limits set.

Smart Limits has some minor limitations of its own. These include:

  • Cannot be used to set specific monthly limits for minutes. All incoming calls are allowed at all times except from numbers you designate as “Blocked Numbers.”
  • Will not block, restrict or filter data usage while the user is in Wi-Fi mode.
  • Will not block or restrict Push to Talk, BlackBerry email or BlackBerry® Connect services.

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