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RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T

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A Cloud-Based Business Communication System.

Learn how RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T can help boost productivity. Play Video.

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T provides a powerful cloud-based business communication system that connects employees, frees them to work virtually anywhere, and allows customers to reach them easily.

Get the 30-day trial free of charge* today.

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How It Works
Cloud Apps

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T is an easy-to-use cloud-based IP service that enables employees to connect seamlessly on almost any device and collaborate effectively at all times. With Office@Hand, you need only one number for all your business voice, fax, and text messages. Enjoy professional communication features such as conferencing,* Auto Attendant, advanced call handling, multiple extensions, voicemail, dial-by-name directory, on-hold music, paging, a toll-free number, HD video conferencing,** online meetings and collaboration,** line sharing, and more.

All these capabilities are available with Office@Hand, an affordable, cloud-based system, for one monthly fee. There's no complicated setup or expensive hardware to buy. All you need to get started is a high-speed Internet connection, a compatible router, and at least one AT&T mobile subscriber at your business. Office@Hand works on a wide selection of devices over a variety of connections, so employees can be connected with broadband, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Use any desktop IP phone and softphone featuring Plug & Ring®, your existing wireless phone, or your landline phone. The choice is yours. Plus, manage your business or personal settings from your smartphone or Web-connected device so control is in the palm of your hand, any time of day.

Now with three high-value, feature-rich Office@Hand editions to choose from—Standard, Premium, and Enterprise—you can select the edition that fits your business today and still easily change to another edition as your needs change. There's an Office@Hand edition that's right for you, no matter your requirements.

Product Briefs

Office@Hand—Small Business



Additional Resources

Certified Device List for RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T Overview video


* Important Information

**Enterprise Edition only

Now, RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T is available in three editions—Standard, Premium, and Enterprise—that make it easy to choose the business communication solution with the value and features that meet your needs.

Standard Edition

Features include:

  • Internet and cloud fax capabilities
  • Business SMS
  • Enhanced voicemail
  • Toll-free service that includes 1,000 minutes per account per month*
  • Conferencing*
  • Call Park
  • Intercom
  • 411 Directory Listing*
  • Vanity, True Toll Free, or extra fax and local numbers*
  • Shared Lines


Premium Edition

Includes all the features of the Standard Edition plus:

  • Toll-free service that includes 2,500 minutes per account per month*
  • Salesforce® integration
  • Automatic call recording


Enterprise Edition

Includes all the features of the Premium Edition plus:

  • Toll-free service that includes 10,000 minutes per account per month*
  • Office@Hand Meetings for up to 100 participants

* Important Information

How it Works

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T uses cloud-based technology, eliminating the need for expensive hardware, complex installation, and technical expertise traditionally required for a business communication system. You can manage your account online or from the mobile app.* Use RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T to answer your customers’ calls, and to send and receive calls from almost anywhere.

To learn more about RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T features, click the Features tab.

* Important Information

Office@Hand CloudFax™

Use Office@Hand CloudFax™ on your mobile device or the Web to send and receive faxes from the CloudFax mobile app, your email account, local storage, Box, or another cloud storage service. Store your content in the cloud using Box, Box from AT&T, Google Drive™, Google Drive™ online storage service, or Dropbox®.

Learn more about CloudFax.

Box from AT&T

Share content and collaborate with coworkers and partners online with Box from AT&T. Drag and drop files from your desktop to Box from AT&T, and then access them from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone—wherever you have an Internet connection. Box from AT&T is designed to work with VPNs and other technologies that businesses rely on. Box provides six levels of role-based permissions, administrative controls that display how users manage content, full audit trail reporting about user and file activity, and sophisticated back-end security.

Salesforce® integration**

Install the RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T app for® and watch your workflow improve and your productivity increase. The app enables you to click a contact phone number in Salesforce to place a call, interact with multiple people at the same time, review recent activity using call logs, and create new records while you’re on a call.

Learn more about Salesforce.


Answer and screen calls from your MAC or PC—just plug in a headset to turn your computer into a smartphone. Install the RingCentral Softphone application to integrate RingCentral functionality with Microsoft® Outlook®, and configure the auto receptionist to identify your callers and prompt them for their names. The Softphone applications displays the name and phone number of every call you receive, and enables you to listen to your voicemails and view fax messages without logging in to your account.

Mobile apps

Put your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T business communication system in the palm of your hand with mobile apps. Office@Hand mobile apps help you separate business voice, Short Messaging Service (SMS), and fax messages from your personal messages. They also enable you to send faxes from email, local storage, or cloud storage. Mobile apps are available for select iOS® and Android™ devices.*

Learn more about mobile apps.

* Important Information

**Premium Edition only.

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T provides businesses with a complete business communication system that employees can easily manage online or from select smartphones.1

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T Benefits

  • Advanced call management—Customize call routing by employee, department, or day and time.
    • Answer calls from the nearest Plug & Ring® ready phone to offer better customer service.
    • Create specialized greetings, extension dialing, and caller ID.
    • View call logs from your computer and from select smartphones.1
  • Advanced mobility with select smartphones1
    • Make calls using your business phone number.
    • Use mobile VoIP to make calls over Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G.2
    • Sync voicemail, faxes, and call logs.
    • Forward voicemail and faxes, access your business directory, and personalize your settings.
  • AT&T Mobile Apps1
    • Separate business voice, Short Messaging Service (SMS), and fax messages from your personal messages.
    • Send faxes from email, local storage, or cloud storage.
    • Provide bring your own device (BYOD) capabilities for employees to improve productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.
    • Use the Office@Hand Meetings app for HD video conferencing.3

    Learn more about the Office@Hand mobile app

  • Complete business communication system—Use multiple phone options, including desk phones, conference phones, smartphones, or softphones.
    • One toll-free phone number, fax number, and local number for your business
    • Additional true toll-free and vanity phone numbers available
    • Multiple employee extensions and phone options with dedicated local voice and fax numbers
    • Multiple voicemail boxes with email delivery
    • Virtually unlimited local and long distance voice calling and faxes
  • Mobile apps and Web control—Manage your business communication system, important calls, and messages virtually anytime online and with select smartphones.1
    • Easily activate and set up online
    • Add or delete employees
    • Make changes to call management
    • Route calls based on time of day or as business needs change
  • Take advantage of multiple options for all types of users.
    • Desktop IP phones and conference phones
    • Analog phone adapters and softphones
  • Quick setup—Activate online or from your smartphone.1
  • Port (transfer) or get new numbers—Toll-free, direct dial phone, and fax.
  • Included FeaturesStandard1Premium1Enterprise
    Call and management phone system administration X X X
    Access, manage, and use on smartphones and tablets1 X X X
    Unlimited Internet faxes and local and long distance calls1 X X X
    Toll-free minutes1 1000 min 2500 min 10,000 min
    Unlimited conferencing and Business SMS X X X
    Microsoft® Office and Outlook®, Google Drive™ online storage service, Box, Box from AT&T, and Dropbox® integration X X X
    Shared Lines X X X
    Salesforce® integration3   X X
    Automatic call recording3   X X
    HD multi-point video conferencing4     X
    Multi-Level IVR   X X

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    More Features

    Multi-Level Auto-Attendant—Create flexible phone menus for the entire company.

    • Extend your auto-receptionist capabilities with connections to the dial-by-name directory, system extensions, voicemail, or external phone numbers.
    • Simplify phone routing management for multiple locations and offices through cloud-based services.
    • Scale to meet your business needs with up to 100 voice menus and submenus per account.
    • Deploy many separate interactive voice response (IVR) menus for multiple locations.
    • Add a direct number (DID) for each IVR menu, independent of your main company number.

    Learn more about Office@Hand Multi-Level Auto-Attendant.

    Office@Hand Meetings—Host and join high definition video conferences3

    • Start or schedule meetings with up to 100 participants on the go.
    • Deliver presentations, share screens5 and files from cloud storage such as Box.
    • Use integrated chat to enhance discussions.

    Learn more about Office@Hand Meetings.

    Shared Lines—Share calls and lines across devices

    • Pick up incoming calls on any Plug & Ring® ready phone.1
    • Put calls on hold and answer them from another registered device in the same location.
    • Answer any call from the nearest registered device.

    Learn more about Shared Lines.

    411 Directory Listing—Publish your business details1 free of charge in national and local directories

    • List your contact information for anyone calling 411.
    • Establish a strong local presence for your organization.
    • Edit or delete your information at any time.

    Learn more about 411 Directory Listing.

    Business SMS—Text seamlessly across devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.1

    • Send and receive 160-character messages with colleagues, clients, and other departments.
    • Receive email notifications on your PC about incoming text messages.
    • Block unwanted messages with number blocking and spam blacklists.

    Learn more about Business SMS.

    Call Park—Park calls for other users so they can access calls from other Office@Hand desktop IP phones and softphones. Included with Premium user licenses.

    • Park up to 50 inbound calls simultaneously, unanswered calls ring back in 5 minutes.
    • Pick up calls from any of your Office@Hand desktop IP phones and softphones.
    • Switch phones as needed for freedom of movement and privacy.

    Learn more about Call Park.

    Internet Fax and CloudFax™—Fax documents directly from cloud storage apps, from nearly any device.

    • Send documents from Google Docs, Google Drive™ online storage service, Dropbox®, and Box from AT&T.
    • Fax stored files from nearly any connected device immediately or schedule them for delivery at a specific time.
    • Fax over 50 file types immediately.

    Learn more about CloudFax™.

    Conferencing*—Host or join a conference from over 30 countries.

    • Use your office desk phone, softphone, or a select mobile device to make unlimited audio conference calls.
    • Hold a conference with up to 1,000 participants on your mobile device with one tap.
    • Send email invitations to participants with the Invite feature.

    Learn more about Conferencing.

    Intercom for Plug & Ring® ready phones—Desktop IP phones, conference phones, and softphones—all you need is broadband.

    • Quickly chat with colleagues using the Intercom button.
    • Use the speakerphone for hands-free conversations.
    • Use Intercom efficiently with Call Park—park calls in the cloud and use Intercom to announce them to colleagues.

    Learn more about Intercom.

    Paging—Communicate one way through multiple desk phones and overhead paging devices.

    • Communicate with up to 25 devices per group.
    • Broadcast to your entire organization or selected peers at the same time.
    • Easily create, add, or modify paging groups over the cloud virtually anywhere, anytime.

    Learn more about Paging.

    Presence feature for select IP desktop phones

    • See users' status: available, busy, or on hold.

    Enhanced voicemail—Separate business calls from personal calls.

    • Get instant notification when you receive a message with visual voicemail—available for all extensions and users.
    • Listen to, save, forward, or delete messages from a list stored in a separate area on select iOS® and Android™ devices, or online.

    Automatic call recording1—Record calls from any device on your RingCentral Office@Hand system.

    • Record inbound and outbound calls from any device, and then locate your recorded conversations online on your Office@Hand account call logs.
    • Review recorded calls for customer services or training purposes.
    • Play, download, and forward recorded conversations as email attachments.

    Learn more about automatic call recording.

    Salesforce integration4—Easy to install and use, just like your Salesforce CRM.

    • Click to dial directly from any contact phone number in Salesforce.
    • Easily create new records while you’re on a call.
    • Review recent activity using call logs.

    Learn more about Salesforce integration.

    Specialized support—Implementation, number transfer, and more, available 24/7.

    • Receive contact within 48 hours of sign up.
    • Get help with account configuration and administrator training.
    • Explore self-service tools and mobile apps with a walk through.

    1Important Information

    24G LTE not available everywhere. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Learn more at

    3Enterprise Edition only

    4Premium and Enterprise Editions only

    5Web sharing is not currently available for Android-based devices

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    What is RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T?

    RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T is a mobile business communication service that unifies employees with one solution. It offers enterprise-grade features including auto receptionist, advanced call handling, multiple extensions, voicemail, faxing, on-hold music, HD video conferencing,* online meetings and collaboration,* shared lines, and more. With no setup fees or expensive hardware required, RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T provides a complete business communication system for efficient interaction with customers whether your team is in the office, out in the field, or dispersed nationwide.

    What's the difference between the three different editions?

    All users are part of the same business communication system and use the same edition. Voice over IP (VoIP) options are available for all editions and are softphone, desktop phone, and conference phone capable. RingCentral Office@Hand - Standard includes robust features, 1000 toll-free minutes per month,* and a free-of-charge 30-day trial option. RingCentral Office@Hand - Premium has those features plus Salesforce® integration, auto call recording, and 2500 toll-free minutes per month.* RingCentral Office@Hand - Enterprise includes all the features of the Standard and Premium editions plus 10,000 toll-free minutes per month, HD video conferencing,* and online meetings and collaboration.*

    How many users can I have on the RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T phone system?

    Plans are available for 2 to 100 users. Contact your AT&T sales representative for orders with more than 100 users.

    How do I change Editions of RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T?

    To change Editions, contact Advanced Solutions Care at 866.563.4703.

    How do I cancel my business's subscription?

    To cancel, call Advanced Solutions Care at 866.563.4703.

    How do I enable international calling?

    Once your account is set up, the administrator can enable international calling credits in auto-refillable increments of $20 or $100. The administrator determines which users can use this feature and which countries are enabled.*

    Is there a commitment or minimum contract term?

    There are no commitments to start using RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T. You'll be billed monthly, based on the plan you select. You can cancel your service at any time, without penalties or cancellation fees. The regular charge for the month in which you cancel will be prorated.

    Can I add users to my service plan for RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T?

    Yes. If you're the RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T account owner (the person whose wireless account is being billed) or administrator, log in to your online account to add users. The change in the monthly service plan will be prorated and will appear on the next billing statement. Note that your service plan cannot be changed during the trial period.


    How much does RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T cost?

    For a plan that supports up to 10 users, RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T starts at $275 per month. To find the RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T plan that's right for your business based on the number of employees and the Edition you want, click the Pricing tab. The existing AT&T wireless account used to purchase your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T phone system will be billed for the plan you select, creating a single bill for your entire business. Pricing excludes taxes, surcharges, and fees.

    What's included in the monthly charge?

    Each RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T account includes a complete business phone system with:
    • An auto-receptionist.
    • A dial-by-name directory.
    • A toll-free number.
    • A local phone number and a local fax number.
    • A local direct dial number for each user.

    Each user and department extension also has full voicemail, customizable call handling rules, Internet fax services, and more. The price does not include desktop IP phones, conference phones, international calling credits, additional toll-free minutes, or additional phone numbers (each of which are sold separately). Additionally, the price does not include wireless airtime minutes, wireless data usage, or other charges that a wireless or wireline provider may impose for airtime and data when using RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T.

    Is there a setup fee?

    No. Our service implementation desk will help you set up your account at no additional charge.

    Is there a trial that is free of charge?

    Yes. You can sign up for a Standard Edition 30-day trial that is free of charge.* If you do not cancel the service before the end of the trial period, you'll automatically be subscribed to a paid account and charged based on the number of users selected at the time of signup. You can cancel your trial at any time before the expiration of the 30-day free-of-charge trial period.

    How much does international calling cost?

    Your administrator can set up international calling in auto-refill increments of $20 and $100.* The rates are located on our support site at

    What if I need more toll-free minutes?

    Toll-free coverage charges are 3.9 cents per minute. If you exceed the monthly included toll-free minutes, the minimum calling credit package will be automatically purchased. Excess minutes then decrement against that package.


    What IP phones are offered by RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T?

    Are desktop IP phones hard to set up and install?

    No. The phones offered by RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T are easy to set up and install. Phones are preconfigured to your cloud-based phone number and shipped Plug & Ring® ready. You can use an existing broadband service that meets the minimum hardware support requirements, or talk to an AT&T Sales Representative about upgrading your broadband service.

    How do I determine if my broadband service meets the hardware support requirements?

    Use our broadband checker to determine compatibility. To upgrade your broadband, contact an AT&T Sales Representative at 877.280.4103.

    Earlier Versions of RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T

    How do I upgrade from an earlier version of RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T to the latest version?

    To upgrade your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T version, call Advanced Solutions Care at 866.563.4703.

    *Important Information

    RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T Pricing Tiers

    Number of UsersStandard Price Per Month*Premium Price Per Month*Enterprise Price Per Month*
      30-Day Free Trial*    
    2 $56 $76 $106
    3 $84 $114 $159
    4 $112 $152 $212
    5 $140 $190 $265
    6 $168 $228 $318
    Up to 8 $220 $300 $420
    Up to 10 $275 $375 $525
    Up to 12 $330 $450 $630
    Up to 14 $385 $525 $735
    Up to 15 $410 $560 $785
    Up to 16 $436 $596 $835
    Up to 18 $490 $670 $935
    Up to 20 $510 $710 $970
    Up to 25 $635 $885 $1,200
    Up to 30 $760 $1,060 $1,440
    Up to 35 $880 $1,230 $1,680
    Up to 40 $1,000 $1,400 $1,920
    Up to 45 $1,125 $1,575 $2,160
    Up to 50 $1,250 $1,750 $2,400
    Up to 60 $1,500 $2,100 $2,880
    Up to 70 $1,750 $2,450 $3,360
    Up to 75 $1,875 $2,625 $3,600
    Up to 100 $2,300 $3,300 $4,300

    Add-Ons—Expand Your System as Needed

    See the Product Brief for additional number options, calling credit options, models, and pricing on Plug & Ring® ready desktop IP, conference, and softphones.

    * Important Information 

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    Learn about the benefits of RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T. See Infographic.Learn about the benefits of RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T. See Infographic.
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