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Mobile Marketing Solutions from AT&T

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Engage customers at the point of interest.
Mobile Applications
Mobile Barcodes
Mobile Internet

Integrating mobile apps into your marketing strategy can create a rich relationship with mobile users. Apps can drive brand awareness and loyalty, and increase product sales and support.

When you provide valuable applications that consumers use, like, and share, you will influence sales when they are ready to buy. And once the consumer is your customer, you’re able to create more relevant and compelling promotional opportunities for them.

Problem Solution Potential Benefits
Application use is growing quickly. Start now and learn as you go. Later, you can optimize the customer experience.

Position your organization in the mobile channel.

Applications must bring value. Your application strategy should define its value and purpose: brand, commerce, loyalty, and customer support. A platform can support your approach. Drive business results. Measure the cost-per-performance efficiency.
Diverse mobile devices are complex. A mobile application platform supports development for diverse mobile devices. Optimize the customer experience on different mobile devices.

Position Your Organization in the Expanding Mobile Channel

Application use is growing quickly. In a 2010 Nielsen survey, 63% of smartphone users reported that they use mobile applications. As of early 2011, there were over 400,000 applications available on Apple App Store, and Android™ Market had over 80,000 active applications.

If you already have an application in the market, it’s important to measure what works and optimize the customer experience. If you are just beginning, it’s important to learn about, and then grow, the mobile applications channel.

Provide Value With Your Application

Until recently, success had been measured by the number of times an application was downloaded. However, applications are often downloaded and then ignored by consumers. The new measure of success is the number of active users, which confirms that users are adopting the application.

Develop for Diverse Mobile Devices

Mobile commerce and mobile enterprise application platforms are an ideal way to execute on a mobile application strategy. Platforms support the development of mobile application experiences that are optimized to take full advantage of each target smartphone, including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry®. What’s more, as your application evolves, platforms provide a central place where you can make changes to the application before you redeploy it.

To learn more about integrating mobile applications into your strategy, contact an AT&T representative today at 1-888-661-1212.

Bring interactive media to your direct response marketing or traditional advertising campaign with mobile barcodes. When you provide a UPC or two-dimensional (2D) barcode, customers can automatically opt in to a powerful interactive experience.

When customers scan a barcode with their phone, they’re directed to a mobile website where they can get a coupon, view a video, download an application, direct dial, and more—giving you a richer way to connect with audiences that’s immediate, intimate, and contextually relevant.

Problem Solution Potential Benefits
Customers require opt-in mobile marketing. Mobile barcodes that require a user's interest and participation Customers opt in for a dynamic brand experience.
The interactive experience must bring value. Rich Web and video experiences at the point-of-interest Users spend more time with your brand.
Barcode results must change as campaigns evolve. Mobile barcode results are flexible and manageable You easily create, publish, manage, and measure campaigns.
Measuring response is difficult. A mobile barcode platform that provides campaign measurement. You gain value from device, location, and demographic detail.

Engage Customers Interested in Barcodes

Customer interest in UPC and 2D barcodes is high, and the market is just beginning to take notice. In a 2010 survey, ABI Research found that 80% of consumers want to scan mobile barcodes, 58% are willing to download a code scanner, and 63% want a code scanner from their carrier.

Provide an Interactive Experience

By adding mobile barcodes to print, packaging, direct mail, signage, and point-of-sale displays, you can enhance traditional marketing campaigns with interactive experiences delivered at the moment of interest. Mobile users spend more time with your brand and you’re able to monitor results in real time, making it possible to optimize campaigns on the fly.

Create, Publish, Manage, and Measure Mobile Barcodes

You can generate a unique one-dimensional (1D) or 2D barcode experience in a few clicks. The result is an image file that can be integrated into virtually anything you want to print or post. The code can then be scanned by a smartphone to access a website or video, receive a coupon, initiate a phone call, and much more.

You can assign and change scan outcomes anytime, on the fly. For example, the AT&T Code Management Platform makes it easy to control the end-to-end customer experience. You can track code scans in real time and download reports that analyze usage by code, demographics (opt-in feature), technographics, time, and location.

The process for executing on a campaign is straightforward: Create, publish, manage, and measure. With the exception of publishing a barcode on a piece of physical media—a magazine ad, for instance—all of these steps can be seamlessly executed using the code management platform.

To learn more about integrating mobile barcode services into your marketing, contact an AT&T representative today at 1-888-661-1212, or go to

Extend your marketing to the Internet with a high-impact campaign optimized for mobile browsers. Your mobile website can put powerful branding experiences and tools in the hands of smartphone users.

Problem Solution Potential Benefits
Mobile Internet and video use is skyrocketing. Support interactive media, including video. An engaging consumer experience.
Traditional websites aren't optimized for mobile brand and commerce experiences. Integrate your website with commerce systems and processes. Optimize brand and commerce assets for mobile Internet.
Diverse mobile devices are complex. Optimize the mobile Internet experience across devices. Capture a broad range of mobile device users.

Embrace Mobile Users Surfing the Internet

Over 70% of smartphone users reported using the mobile Internet in a 2010 Nielsen survey. What’s more, according to a 2009 Frost and Sullivan survey, analysts believe that there are over 90 million mobile Internet subscribers today.

Optimize Your Internet Site for Mobile Users

Your mobile Internet strategy can focus on advertising campaigns, brand objectives, customer support, or commerce. You can fill your site with videos, merchandise, and coupons. Include a click-to-call feature for instant contact. Make it simple to follow your brand on social media sites. There are plenty of exciting options for lifting sales, providing support, and maximizing brand impact. All can be optimized for mobile Internet.

Offer Mobile Web for Diverse Mobile Devices

You can optimize your mobile website for a broad array of mobile devices, and integrate it with your existing online commerce system and processes. Whatever platform you choose to create, manage, and measure your website, be sure to consider the following:

  • Is the Web experience optimized for a broad array of mobile devices?
  • Does the solution support HTML5, video, and other interactive features?
  • Does the solution integrate with your existing online commerce systems and processes?
  • Is it easy to create, manage, and measure the performance of your mobile Web pages for campaigns and your ongoing Web presence?

This could be the right mobile marketing solution for your brand if you need to execute on a mobile Internet strategy or just need a Web presence optimized for mobile, to drive high-impact marketing campaigns.

To learn more about integrating the mobile Internet into your strategy, contact an AT&T representative today at 1-888-661-1212.

Text messaging campaigns can provide a foundation for your mobile marketing investments. Now you can extend your mobile messaging campaigns to a whole new level using location-based text messaging and compelling video messaging.

Problem Solution Potential Benefits
Messaging campaigns must apply to a broad audience. Target the 240 million text message–enabled mobile devices in the U.S. Interact with a broad audience.
Text messages need to be personalized. Location-based messaging enables contextually relevant messages for opt-in consumers. Improve your response rate.
Video messages must capture interest. Video messaging sparks high interest and can be optimized by mobile device. Provide rich media experience.

Mobile Messaging Enjoys a Broad Audience

Text and video messaging provide you with a platform to engage the broadest range of mobile phone users. According to a Frost and Sullivan survey, U.S. consumers sent 1.5 billion messages in 2009, and in a 2010 Nielsen survey, 68% of mobile phone users reported using text messaging in the past 30 days. Clearly, mobile messaging enjoys strong adoption and is continuing to grow.

Personalize Your Text Messages

Location-based messaging allows marketers to provide personalized and contextually relevant messages to opt-in consumers. You can define location-specific messaging using a geofence. If a consumer is within a geofence, for example an area near a local store, then a special offer for that store can be sent to the consumer. You can send custom messages based on location, time, user preference, or CRM data.

Capture Interest With Video

Video messaging is an innovative development that is seeing strong early adoption. The concept is simple: You send opt-in consumers a message that includes an embedded link. When they click the link, you deliver a video that is optimized to their device and bandwidth for a high-impact brand experience. What’s more, the solution makes the complexity of video simple: All transcoding, hosting, and delivery are handled seamlessly.

Video messaging could be the right mobile marketing solution if you have enticing information or compelling video content; or if you want to motivate high-value consumers, stimulate foot traffic, or target customers within a specific radius.

To learn more about integrating text messaging, video messaging, and location-based messaging solutions into your marketing, contact an AT&T representative today at 1-888-661-1212.

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